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Queen Letizia in an International Nutrition Conference

Yesterday, Queen Letizia took part on an International Nutrition Conference of the FAO. Her majesty was one amongst several speakers, Pope Francis spoke quite heatedly about the economic unbalance worldwide and the unbalance of both hunger and obesity. Queen Letizia … Continue reading

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Diana’s disastrous legacy? I think not!

A couple of months ago (June, 25th) Suzy Menkes published an article on Vogue.co.ukĀ about how in today’s world, we fixate more on the fashion (and all that includes) and diets of the European Princesses and Queens. Her reasoning? Well, to … Continue reading

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Rambling about the now Queen Letizia of Spain

First off, I need to say that I like Letizia. I’ve always have. Ever since she burst into the scene in the surprise engagement, I felt oddly giddy. Here was an heir to a throne marrying a woman who was … Continue reading

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Holy Royal News Batman!

Well, it would seem that the royal world is giving much for the royal watcher to talk about. Amongst them, yours truly. Outrage over Kate’s butt is still fresh and it seems they have started to post fake nudes of … Continue reading

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