Blogs and Sites I love

Royal Dish: An awesome royal forum where you don’t have to hold your views and won’t be crucified for liking or disliking who you do.

Love, Lola: A woman after my own heart. Seriously, her blog is great.

Kate Middleton; Duchess or Diva: A blog dedicated to the fail that is Waity.

Kate Middleton Criticism: A blog that speaks about Waity.

Heavy Are The Crowns: A lovely lady who isn’t afraid to call Kate out.

Race for the Iron Throne: A blog dedicated to analyze the A Song of Ice and Fire series and the Game of Thrones tv show.

The Meereenese Blot: A blog that analyzes A Song of Ice and Fire.

Reasoning with Vampires: A blog that lists the many, many issue with the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer.

Tom and Lorenzo: Two fabulous and opinionated men that I love dearly.

(More to come, this is a work in progress after all.)


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