This is just a blog for me to have fun. There will be a bunch of random stuff that I like.

I’m a royal watcher: So expect criticism and commentary from royals.

I’m an active member of several fandoms (so fandom post might happen), ASOIAF, Tolkien and anime, but don’t expect anything from my anime fandoms to make it here. I was pretty active in the anti-Twilight movement when it was at it strongest (I still dislike the series. No, it’s not a saga) and I was very vocal about it and the things that were wrong with that series.

Fan of several celebs and a lover of music and books. So you can expect commentary from celebs, music and books. I am also a poet, so you might expect to see some of my work here too.

A mad scientist in the kitchen so, from occasion you might get a recipe from me. From savory dishes to drinks and desserts.

I identify myself as a feminist and will on occasion be loud on some issues on the matter.

And lastly, I’m a crafter. Mostly knitter. So, welcome to this little blog, that is a little bit of everything.

So, be welcome, make yourself a tea and sit down and let us talk and laugh a little. And you’ll forgive me if some days I bring the fire and blood.

And by the way, commentary is always welcome.


6 Responses to About

  1. Angie K says:

    I will now follow your blog, as this way I’ll maybe learn more about the royal family. Although I live in the UK, I hardly make an effort to keep up with their news, just the stuff in the news. You are warmly invited onto my blog, too, and maybe follow me back if you find something there to interest you. 🙂

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