Of stalking and unwanted affections

It recently began the hearing trial for Sandra Bullock’s stalker, while I was watching the news they played Sandra’s desperate and chilling 911 call. I don’t hesitate to call it chilling because it is, just hearing the fear in her voice raises bumps in your flesh. The only fortunate thing was that her son wasn’t home at the time.

For me, it also had the unfortunately case of triggering the memories of my high school stalker. I will always call him a stalker because he behaved like one; he liked me but never did asked me out. And even if he had done so, I would have said no.

Back in the day, there wasn’t much I could do about it, the guy was in my class and in my circle of friends; my male friends were far more sympathetic to my plight than my female ones (who thought was “aww he just likes you, it’s cute!). No, it’s not cute. It’s not cute when you feel trapped and are constantly looking over your back.

No, it’s not flattering either, its creepy and disturbing, because for what I could understand from my stalker is that he had this weird idea of me, that wasn’t, well me. I have nothing against someone being chivalrous and offering to toss me a hand, I have a problem when someone is literally ripping my bag from me because “you look like you could use the help.”

It’s terrifying when this people cannot understand that their actions are both unwanted and, in some cases, terrifying.

Stalking is not love, it’s a twisted idea of it; an idolization of the person and not the real person. The love/admiration towards and idea/ideal/person more than the idea/ideal/person itself. Unfortunately, rarely this people understand it and in some cases, it ends in tragic consequences.

I’m glad for Sandra that she had a safe place to hide and that the person stalking her has been arrested, she has nothing but my respect and admiration for having the head to call 911 in the heat of the moment (as some people freeze) and was able to protect herself in the way she could. And I’m glad she will be at ease knowing that the man is behind bars, but I wish her strength in overcoming the emotional turmoil that no doubt this unfortunate episode has left.

And here’s hoping that you (be it fame or male) never have to experience any sort of stalking or anything alike.


About Visenya Romanoff

What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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