Some thoughts on the Alayne Chapter from Winds

Spoilers ahead dude(tte), don’t want to be spoiled, skip this post.

I read 3 times this chapter before making a post about it because I really want to get it, to get the sense of the chapter and now I understand why Martin opted to remove this chapter from Feast.

SweetRobin knows he’s expected to die, which is somewhat jarring if you add the fact that he want to marry Alayne (curiously enough, he wants to do it so no one will take her away from him) and if not make her his mistress to which Sansa reacts strongly.

Sansa hoped that Harry would love her, which is a bit sad but at the same time encouraging that Sansa remains optimistic that someone will love her for herself.

Myranda might know full well that “Alayne” is not Petyr’s daughter.

Myranda might have been trying to provoke a reaction from ‘Alayne’ by mentioning the first Lady Waywood and her horse-like face. As we know (and Sansa should too) a Stark married into the Waynwoods and the Starks are somewhat associated with long faces. Hell, Arya was nicknamed Horseface because of it.

Petyr might have made an enemy from Lyn Corbray accidentally, thanks to having his brother marrying and having heirs.

When meeting Harry, she thinks him comely, but immediately reminds himself that Joffrey was comely too.

She’s experiencing the downside of being a bastard with jokes and Harry being an ass to her face.

The courtesy armor is immediately noted after Harry almost makes her cry. And she might have made an allied in the form of Lothor Brune.

Petyr dismisses her complains about Harry and tells her to charm him, telling her that she’s as lovely as her mother at the same age and that the ‘night is yours’; which sounds very much like a pimp would tell.

Sansa mentally wishes that Harry will fall of his horse. Which is probably going to happen, since her wishes of this kind tend to happen (Janos Slynt, anyone?).

Petyr is hoarding food to sell it, unsurprising of the rat.

The feast is way too much for a someone who is Paramount of the Riverlands who are burnt and starving. Because of what Sansa overhears between Lady Anya and another Lord, they are aware that Petyr is the force behind the feast and the gifts that are being given. And if anything, it only makes me suspect more firmly that Petyr stole from the Crown (remember how Tyrion found the books a mess?)

Harry should learn when to stfu. Really.

It also hammered in several mentions of the Starks, both directly and subtly (horsefaces) and the Stark motto is said but with “well duh” almost afterwards. But it’s very interesting to me because if anything it’s like the Vale itself doesn’t want Sansa to forget she’s a Stark.


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