The (Royal) Waiting Game

No, this post has nothing to do with the years Kate waited to marry William. But it does take a look at the waiting game they are playing now.

“I’m willing to work hard”. That is a quote from the engagement interview they gave, William, went on to say that they were “like ducks”, you know graceful looking but hardworking underwater. And I’m still waiting to see the ‘hardwork’.

At this point, I’ve probably heard every excuse under the sun to justify the lack of work of these two. First it was ‘but they are married and they’re just settling’ or ‘she’s getting used to the Royal life’ now it’s a ‘they have a baby and they’re expecting’ and ‘William’s working’.

I’ve seen people say that they (Kate and Will) have much time to learn and take on their royal duties, but do they really? Far be it from me to wish any ill to befall on anyone (because I do sincerely not wish any harm on anyone), but what happens if the Queen dies? William will be catapulted into heir and he’ll have far more responsibilities than he does now.

And those are not responsibilities he will be able to avoid as direct heir. Their workload will increase and as they say, there’s no better teacher than experience.

And while some say, ‘let them enjoy it while it lasts’, I wouldn’t have so much issue with it if they did more work. I’ve been following this relationship since St. Andrews and while I had my big doubts on them marrying and Kate actually working, I was willing to cut her some slack and thought, ‘well, they’ll ease her into it, 3 or 4 engagements a week of about 1 hr each, would do’; realistically, it’s not impossible nor would they be terribly overwhelming for her.

But no, we had the token engagements here and there, the Canadian tour where Kate flashed the bum for the first time and then they were off to California for some galas. Big whoop.

Now, 3 years later, I’m still waiting.



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2 Responses to The (Royal) Waiting Game

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s four years this month. And we’re going to be waiting for a lot longer…maybe forever. She does not want to work. She only does it because someone makes her. She’d spend her life being taken care of by her mother in between shopping sprees and vacations if it were completely up to her. And don’t forget popping out occasionally to meet the celebrity she and William binge watch in their favorite TV shows. it’s a lost cause.

    • Oh sweet mercy, you are right of course Lisa. It’s four years, I swear I block somethings on these two for my sanity’s sake.

      William needs a swift kick on the behind, look at Harry, he’s leaving the military to concentrate on charity and royal duties. And he is where again?

      No, those two don’t work because they don’t want to. Sadly, they are in for a rude awakening.

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