No Evangeline, Tolkien didn’t hate women

How did I miss this back in December is beyond me, but here’s an interesting interview with Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly.

They are asked if they could ask Tolkien a question what would it be? Lee goes onto mentioning about questioning Tolkien about the underground Kingdoms because he finds them interesting.

Lilly “in a sassy” mood would ask if Tolkien hated women. Then she goes onto say that it’s probably something about society. Funny thing comming from the woman who isn’t interested in feminism.

Lee’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

But to answer Lilly’s question, no, my dear, Tolkien didn’t hate women. He wrote really great ones, too bad you missed them. Which begs the question, have you read his work? Considering this is the woman who is a self proclaimed fan who didn’t want to see the movies because she feared a massacre Tolkien’s work.

I can only guess she mistook Arwen, Galadriel, Eowyn for men since she seems to have only read/watched LotR. And leaving out all of the other amazing women who figure on Tolkien’s work.

I think we are making the mistake in classifying strong women as women who go around fighting. While my avatar and chosen name might indicate, I like those characters, but I don’t brush away the other types of females characters who don’t wield a sword. Because female strenght doesn’t always restrain itself to the warrior women.

Galadriel never took a sword (save perhaps only in Alqualondë to defend her mother’s people), but she’s described as the greatest of the Noldor save Fëanor, and even then, we get that she’s wiser than him.

It took strenght and courage for Lúthien to do what she did, to leave behind the only world she had known to follow her heart and love into death. Same with Arwen. Eowyn wanted to fight for those she loved and brought down the Witchking and even after battle she realized that battle wasn’t the only thing worth its while.

Maybe I’m getting carried away, but I feel this need to say that I like characters for who they are and how they are written, not because of their gender. A shame that Lilly is narrowing down her view to a book and the movie she took part of, instead of looking at Tolkien’s work as a whole.

So, just because (most) Tolkien females weren’t running around and fighting, it doesn’t mean they’re weak or not worthy characters.



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    Evangeline, you’re really set on to make me hate you, don’t you? That’s not sassy, just ignorance.

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