Katia Winter and biting the hand that feeds

As you my lovelies know I left the Sleepy Hollow building a while ago, however that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on, last month before the season finally Katia Winter gave an interview to TV Guide and well, this happened:

Why do you think fans have had such a hard time connecting to and rooting for Katrina? Winter: God, I’ve had a hard time at times. I’m doing the best with what I’ve given. I’m not in control over the story lines, so I’ve at times been frustrated with certain things.

Really Katia? You’ve done your best? Because I did watched several episodes last season and your acting was far from good. For heaven’s sake woman, John Noble was reduced to playing an overgrown manchild with parental issues and he was absolutely brilliant. Orlando Jones was benched in a mental hospital yet, his acting is flawless.

Do you not think they more than you have the right to feel frustrated? I personally had an issue with Katrina because she was a terribly written character, but Goffman seemed dead set in making her the co-lead (above Nicole Beharie) by giving her plenty of episodes to shine and guess what? Nothing.

Hell, I caved and watched the season finale and even when she’s trying to kill Ichabod and being the bad witch, her face was blank. Seriously. So, sweetie, I’d recommend you to stfu and be gracious because good luck on getting more acting jobs if you’re going to throw the writers and producers under the bus.

Also, it didn’t help that you mocked the Ichabbie shippers in twitter (that you later deleted), because Ichabbie fans, be them as shippers or just fans of the awesome chemistry between Nicole and Tom and prefer them just as partner in stopping-the-end-of-days crimes, they are the ones who made the show. So deal with it.


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