Of Royals and Fairy Tales

Why is there such need to turn a human being into a fairy tale?

That question has been on my mind quite a lot recently. And if I’m completely honest, I’m not sure I have a clear cut answer. I don’t understand the passionate defenses some royal get, either; nor do I understand why the very valid criticism is categorized as ‘hate’.

Royals are, whether people like it or not, human beings. They make mistakes just as much as any other person, they aren’t robots nor the flawless beings the media makes them out to be.

As a literature lover, I cringe when someone calls a royal romance a ‘fairy tale’; I cringe because fairy tales are dark, at least the original ones. They were cautionary tales meant to teach you something. But somewhere along the line, we’ve come to associate a fairy tale romance as something out of a Disney movie.

Oh I can hear you saying, but Visenya, don’t you like Disney movies? And the answer would be, for the most part no. I hate the majority of Disney Princesses, the one I actually like (Belle), is a girl who wants to do her own thing and romance actually blooms between a beast and her against the usually attractive man. And I’d say that I think that Gaston is far more problematic than the Beast itself*. Other than that, I do like Kuzco; the man’s a spoiled little bitch and I’m sure he’s my spirit animal. Oh and I do like Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty, her dragon form was awesome.

Ok, getting back on track. We see the examples of trying to portray Royals as fairy tale beings all the time; look at Kate, see how she’s always this perfect being and flawless according to the media. William is Prince Charming, regardless of the tasteless jokes and comments he’s made through the years.

We all know what happened to that ‘Fairy Tale’ marriage of Charles and Diana, so, again, why do we subject them (and us) to this false ideal?

My best guess is that whomever drives those PR campaigns thinks it’s how it’s supposed to be. The problem is, these people aren’t cartoons nor story book characters, but humans; with feelings, thoughts and flaws just as the rest of us. And when problems arise, we’re supposed to pretend that nothing is wrong; we’re supposed to see the jewels, the pretty clothes, the palaces and the travels and think, ‘this is how it supposed to be’. And I can’t feel but to feel sorry for those who think that’s what really matter.

I’m human and I’m not always happy and I freely admit I have a temper from hell. I’m sarcastic and cynical and somewhat nightmarish for some; but I’m enough of a woman to admit it. I’m allowed to cry if I feel like it, to do as I please because I’m my own being and I’m not married to duty.

Royals, are in a way, married to duty. And duty demands work of some sort, be it real work (for minor royals) or charity work for higher ranking ones; yet when they fail to deliver it, we’re not supposed to criticize them. The problem is, they aren’t free to do as they please, they have a responsibility to the country they are receiving taxes to perform. I don’t remember that from any fairy tale.

Royals now a days, should be more than just pretty jewels and pretty hair and flawless (thanks photoshop!). But while some deliver, others fail and the reality is, people are less forgiving now than they did once upon a time; heaven’s know I’d be bitching and ranting to the high hells if my head of state were a lazy man who never did anything.

So, let us cut this fairy tale crap now and let them be. Let’s judge them for what they are, public human figures who represent their country; fairy tales ideals will only yield so much and demands too much of non-cartoonish characters.

Royals are people, they are bound to mess up, so let’s concentrate less of what matters little (fashion, beauty, jewels) and let’s judge them by their ability to represent the Country they’re from. And let us watch how some of them will crash and burn by that alone. And how some will soar because of it.
Yours truly,
Visenya, the cynical bitch.


*This, my darlings, is something for another day.


About Visenya Romanoff

What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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