Of Harry, William, Zara and Peter

More royal news to share:

Prince Harry will again participate on the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show, it will be a nod to his charity Sentebale and designed it in mind.

He’s planning on co-present a fight for charity.

And he’s taken on a new military role to help injured veterans.

Meanwhile, his big brother, aka The Reluctant is off in Mustique with Waity and the Middletons.

Mike Tindall has revealed that they (Zara and him) don’t get any money from the royals and that’s why they have magazine deals and exclusives.

Which brings to mind Autumn and Peter, I remember when they married they were heavily criticized for ‘selling’ the wedding to Hello!, but in hindsight, it makes sense (I wasn’t outraged as many others where). Since they don’t receive any cash either, it stands to reason that they would need founds to pay for the wedding.

And they haven’t done since. For the most part they live quiet lives and only come out for family events. Peter did write an article about Savannah’s Christening, which was lovely.

But to be frank, I never quite understood why they are seen as crass and vulgar when they (Peter, Zara and respective families) do exclusives. For the most part those are harmless things and they have the power to set a limit on what they wish and don’t wish to talk.

So, why should I hold it against them, I’d say go for it. I mean, at least they are working.



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2 Responses to Of Harry, William, Zara and Peter

  1. Lisa says:

    Honestly, I think it’s better than sitting around on their backsides looking for handouts. And it’s not like they are pulling anything like the Kardashians. They seem to be very careful in what they do.

    • Oh indeed, I myself defended Autumn & Peter back in the day (still do). And you are very right on the aspect that they seem very careful, I think there’s an article out there where Mike says the Royals are told beforehand. So, for me it’s a case of ‘whatever’ because they have standards and limits and aren’t doing it just for attention only.

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