Royal News Round Up

Let’s see what the royals have been up to lately, shall we?

Firstly, some news from Harry; after the shooting in France (my sincere condolences to their loved ones) he took to the French Embassy to express his sympathy:

Prince Harry paid his respects to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The 30-year-old joined French ambassador Sylvie Bermann at the French Embassy in London as he signed a book of condolences for those killed in the attack.

In his message Prince Harry expressed his “warmest best wishes” to those affected by the attack in France where gunmen killed 12 people, most of them journalists, at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Speaking after his visit, Sylvie Bermann said: “We greatly appreciate the support of the royal family and the presence of Prince Harry today”.


Two new pregnancies for the royals. First is Tatiana Santo Domingo, wife of Andrea Casiraghi.

The second one is Princess Madeleine of Sweden:

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine announces she is pregnant with her second child, ten months after giving birth to her daughter Leonore.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, fourth in line to the throne, is expecting her second child, the royal court said on Friday.

The royal baby announcement has been made just ten months after Madeleine, 32, gave birth to daughter Leonore, with the new royal baby due in the summer of 2015.

‘We are very happy and look forward to welcoming a new member to our family,’ Princess Madeleine and her husband, British-American banker Christopher O’Neill, said in a statement.
Daily Mail.

On side eye worthy news, a documentary about the late Diana, Princess of Wales was not aired, claims have been made that it was due to Prince Charles.

The BBC has axed a two-part documentary about the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death after alleged action from Prince Charles’ lawyers.

Reinventing the Royals was due to air at 9pm on Sunday, but is understood to have been put on hold by BBC news chief James Harding after its inclusion in the TV schedule sparked controversy.

Presented by former Panorama editor Steve Hewlett, the programme investigates the PR tactics used to boost the image of the Royal Family and Camilla Parker Bowles (‘Operation Mrs PB’) in the wake of the tragic 1997 Paris car crash.

And on some highly sensitive news, Prince Andrew has been named in a lawsuit against his old friend Jeffrey Elpstein. Under the cut for sensitive and possible trigger material:

TW: Mentions of sexual abuse and soliciting sexual favors of a minor; if you’re easily triggered, please do not continue reading nor click on the link. Thank you.

For those not familiar with the sex scandal currently swirling around Prince Andrew: On Jan. 2, news broke that he was accused of having sex with a teenager between 1999 and 2002. The allegations, in a recent civil court filing in Florida, are part of a bizarre, complicated and long-running lawsuit involving his old friend, American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted in 2008 of soliciting prostitution of a minor.


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2 Responses to Royal News Round Up

  1. Lisa says:

    Happy 2015 Visenya! Well nothing like the BRF starting the year off with a bang. And Waity is working this month…I think the earth is going to stop rotating.

    Love the Monaco babies and their presentation. It was wonderfully done.

    Waiting for the wedding of CP and Sofia in Sweden (unless someone comes to his senses before then)

    So many things coming up to keep track of and dish about. Should be an eventful year.

    • Happy 2015 to you as well Lysa, may it bring nothing but good things for you and your loved ones.

      Yeah, leave it to the BRF to start us off with bags, they never disappoint. Yes, two events, I believe on the 15 and 27 let’s hope they realize that they need to work, people’s patience is running thin.

      It was a beautiful presentation, I’ll post the video of the babies later on today or tomorrow.

      Girl, we have a date, June 13 in the same chapel where Madde married and both Estelle & Leonor were baptized. Fingers crossed someone changes their minds (doubt it); but I’m far more interested on whether Madde’s attending, since she’s due around the end of May/early June.

      I know, and what a way to start it, yes?

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