Nobel Prize Banquet 2014

After that happy post about Charlene and Albert’s twins, let us jump all the way from Monaco to Sweden and have a look at the royal women in the Banquet.

Queen Silvia:

HM Queen Silvia

HM Queen Silvia

Regal and that blue is really flattering for her. Also, jewelry to die for.

Crown Princess Victoria:

Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria

Could she have gone more “Bow down motherfuckers, future Queen in the house” on us? Save from using another of her mother’s two big tiaras, no. And bless her heart she looks freaking fabulous.

Princess Madeleine:

Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine

What can I say, purple in all shades is incredibly flattering on her, a pity she didn’t used the amethyst tiara.

And finally, Sofia Hellqvist:

Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip

Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip

Ok, first, let me get my bitch on and say: HA! NO TIARA! And is she wearing tulle on top? Girl no. Just No. Ok, bitch moment off. The dress in itself isn’t bad, the problem I have with it, is, you guessed it: the tulle. It clashes with the sequined part of the bodice, but nice try. At least she tried.

And one last bitchy note: Carl Philip, please wash your hair. What’s with men and greasy looking hair? Daniel sleeks his hair and sadly it also looks greasy so… Chris, please, whatever you do, don’t follow your brothers-in-law example.


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What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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