Monday Quote: Albert Einstein

Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.
~Albert Einstein

I love this quote on so many levels, it’s not even funny. Why? Because we live in a society that tends to idolize people, whether be sports athletes, book authors, celebrities, royals, politicians or whatever.

I’ve been fortunate enough that while I like many celebs for their music or movies, or authors, I am able to remember that the person is a human being and as flawed as I am. Thus, while I can admire his/hers accomplishments, I refuse to think of them as infallible deities.

Because they’re not. They’re human beings doing what they do, and going about their business. In the royals case, they have a responsibility towards their people to work; the times of being royal ergo a special snowflake has passed. I see this a lot with many royals, they’re excused for every unsavory behavior and their fans yell and complain towards others that it’s unfair criticism (sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not). And downright refuse to see their mistakes and lack of contribution by asking what have we done, instead of thinking that perhaps, the comment is valid; they blind themselves.

And the same goes for celebrities and other forms of public persons. As far as I’m concerned, a fan will like whatever the public person does, but should not justify every behavior. Some people really need to be drilled that, at the end of the day, they’re human and they’re going to fuck up.

Yes, some might need help for whatever reason, but this doesn’t entitle the fan to know everything; we humans are both incredibly strong but at the same time, fragile. And these people who live in the public can be more so. So, let’s just admire the work they do and let them live their lives, but let us be honest and avoid falling into the trap of justifying everything and blaming others.


About Visenya Romanoff

What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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