David Baldacci’s Split Second

Book commentary regarding David’s book, be warned, there are spoilers.

I was fortunate enough to be able to buy this book (well, more precisely, a book that contains 4 novels from different authors) and I’m glad I did.

I enjoyed Split Second to the very last page. David managed to pull two protagonists who you rooted for, but weren’t blind to their very human faults. The book starts with Sam King, a Secret Service Agent who is on the campaign trail whose charge ends up dead.

Fast forward 8 years and we have another SSA Michelle Maxwell whose charge ends up kidnapped. And it’s how Michelle who comes into contact with Sam, two disgraced agents in search of the truth (Sam is reluctant at first, until a woman ends up dead on his practice office); which leads them to a trail of private investigation, retracing steps (some with shameful memories for Sam), political intrigue, blackmail and ultimately, a resolution to both cases.

A solution that shocks them both, for whom is behind of the murder and kidnap and his reasons for it.

There is very little romance, which is something I personally favor on these type of books; and it mostly comes from King’s old dalliance with a former agent now turned Private Security. It’s a very refreshing trait, to be honest; because I hate when an author has two very independent characters fall into an unnecessary romance.

Mind you, I don’t hate romance itself, but I dislike when it’s forced or shoved down my throat.

And while King and Maxwell end up coming together, not in romance but in a Private Investigation partnership, the book ends on a high note for me.


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