Monday Quote: Hafsa Atique

“My mother sensed a war in her womb, and so she raised me to fight.”
~Hafsa Atique


This isn’t so much a quote, but more of a small poem; however I think it’s a lovely one to be share on this Monday.

Why? Because I felt the need to rise my glass in honor of every mother who has raised a child, be it female or male, single or married; it’s hard work. My own mother will be happy to tell you that.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned about the females who are mothers that I know, is how they are always willing to teach their child how to stand on their own.

The fighting part doesn’t have to be literal, but in one way or another, we all have fought for something and haven’t (at least us, lucky ones) we got our mothers cheering us on?

Haven’t our mothers fought for us as well? They have and sometimes, we have learned by their example.

Admittedly, not everyone is fortunate enough to be taught to fight in whatever sense, but if you’re amongst the lucky ones, say thank you to your mother.  And please note that I’m not dismissing the fathers, but this is a special spot for a mother post today.

So my dear friend, stand up and fight for what you believe in.


About Visenya Romanoff

What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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