Queen Letizia in an International Nutrition Conference

Yesterday, Queen Letizia took part on an International Nutrition Conference of the FAO. Her majesty was one amongst several speakers, Pope Francis spoke quite heatedly about the economic unbalance worldwide and the unbalance of both hunger and obesity.

Queen Letizia remarked about the importance a woman plays regarding malnutrition by saying: “The decisive role women play, has a special value. As long as the woman is the main responsible about the family’s education in many places of the world, it’s fundamental to give her the necessary knowledge needed to contribute to the betterment of the nutrition.”

She also appealed to the responsibility large food companies: “Multinationals in the food and agriculture industry should accompany international agencies and the governments in their task to promote public health.”

Queen Letizia also meet with the First Lady of Perú, Nadine Hereida and 15 cabinet members of the FAO, amongst them, their general director José Graziano da Silva.

Source: El País.


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