William, (the not so) Prince Charming

I have to admit that William has never been a favorite of mine, specially when it comes to royal watching; mostly due that the media is constantly praising him and sending veiled insults to Harry. I mean, let’s be fair and treat them equally, yes?

William likes to drink, in fact, there are several pictures of him looking worst for wear and yes, there is a picture of him grabbing a fan’s breast. Isn’t he awesome?

Anyway, while it’s true that Harry is no saint either, I find it funny how some underhanded things on William’s behalf have gone unnoticed or excused as “a joke”.

I honestly don’t have the time nor will to look for every instance of William’s side eye worthy behavior, but here are some lovely quotes:

On Kate during their college days:

A friend described it as a typical student existence: “They were just like any other couple, and spent most of the time sarcastically teasing each other. Once, they were watching a quiz show and Kate wasn’t able to answer an easy question. William started to imitate her, answering the question as if he were very stupid.”

How charming of him, right? Let’s mock someone who did a mistake and let’s pretend she’s stupid on top of it, yay, how awesome (and before you ask, yes, I was being sarcastic).

On Kate during the Australia & New Zealand tour:

‘There have been many highlights from the past ten days in this beautiful country – Catherine beating me at sailing does not count amongst them, not for me anyway.’
Daily Mail.

Well, someone’s a sore looser. Unsurprised, but seriously William, did you even hear yourself? You came off like a douche and whinny baby because you lost.

On Prince Harry:

And the prince couldn’t resist a joke at his brother’s expense, saying: ‘I feel tempted to cry “God for Harry, England and St. George”, but I really don’t want to lower the tone by bringing my brother into it.‬‪’
Daily Mail.

See what I was telling you? How is this funny? I mean, yes, Harry has done many mistakes (hello Vegas) but I don’t think that William should be making those ‘jokes’ publicly. Keep them in private, seriously.

And you know what’s a little ironic? That William was making a joke about Harry during a visit to a new 100 Million sport center; while Harry was about 1 month in of his 20 week second tour of Afghanistan as a soldier and Apache pilot. Way to go Will!

And of course, who can forget that he failed to tell the Queen (his grandmother) and his father about being engaged to Kate and only did so 2 hours before the engagement was made public?

And this is the same man who has a look of complete boredom during his wedding. And walked ahead of Kate during the Jubilee flotilla taking an umbrella and leaving Kate behind (because as we have seen, Kate’s a public danger with an umbrella in her hands); and speaking of the Aus/NZ tour… who can forget that when Kate’s red coat dress floated he did nothing to help her out (Kate was holding onto the railing and holding George with another hand).

I’m telling you, he’s a real Prince Charming that one. Yes, I was being sarcastic, again.



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2 Responses to William, (the not so) Prince Charming

  1. Lisa says:

    How did they get away with telling HM and PC about the engagement only 2 hours before it was announced? That was a major press call and it was in some royal building so why weren’t they alerted beforehand by a staff member? Doesn’t sound like a happy loving couple who couldn’t wait to share their joy. It sounds like they knew words would be had and maybe an attempt to stop it???

    Also, I checked out your link with the engagement bit and their favorite song “I Like The Way You Move” sounds like it’s more William’s favorite song to describe her than anything.

    I Like The Way You Move (Lyrics)

    There’s so many things I like about you
    I just don’t know where to begin, okay, well
    I like the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes
    I like the way you act all surprised
    I like the way you sing along
    I like the way you always get it wrong
    I like the way you clap your hands
    I like the way you love to dance
    I like the way you put your hands up in the air
    I like the way you shake your hair
    I like the way you like to touch
    I like the way you stare so much
    But most of all, yeah, most of all
    I like the way you move
    I like the way you put your hands up in the air
    I like the way you shake your hair
    I like the way you like to touch
    I like the way you stare so much
    But most of all, yeah, most of all
    I like the way you move
    I like the way you move
    I like the way you move

    Read more: Bodyrockers – I Like The Way (You Move) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    Okay, it could be seen by the sugars as a loving tribute to her from him, but I look at it side eyed and almost see it as a kind of slap. He’s not exactly telling her he loves her for her brains, it’s all about the physical. And maybe that’s why she used to give him those annoying puppy dog stares. Haven’t seen any of those lately.

    • One wonders how indeed did he managed to get away with it, but then again, he’s William and what he wants, he gets. I have another article where it says that a Kenyan maid knew of the engagement before the Queen. And another that the Queen was being kept in the dark about the wedding plans.

      I had seen the song lyrics before and as you, it didn’t strike me as a loving tribute; the song says nothing really. It’s just about the physical side of the relationship (which would not surprise me, it’s the bulk of it).

      Yeah, she used to look at him with puppy dog eyes and he rarely returned those. I’m not surprised tho, in his eyes he did what she expected him to, marry her.

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