Anne Rice’s “The Mummy”

“The Mummy or Ramses the Damned”

In which I wonder why I even bothered with this book and deeply regrets not being able to be drunk for the event. There will be spoilers here and there, so you’ve been warned, proceed with caution.


Let’s not beat around the bush, I hated this book. I don’t mind Anne Rice (I still quite like some of her books) nor do I hate the romance or the whole ‘paranormal romance’; but there is something about this book that annoyed me.

We start with the protagonist’s father, who is playing at being an archaeologist and digging around and uncovers a grave; he alongside his associate discovers that it’s none other than Ramses II. He dies after having a fight with his nephew and his discovery is shipped to England, where his daughter decides to keep the mummy in her living room. Yeah, nice decor sweetie. NOT.

Our dear Julie (the protagonist) is engaged to the son of an aristocrat that has fallen on hard times and she’s a wealthy heiress, but her betrothed has one big problem: he’s absolutely normal. She’s adventurous and he’s not, he falls asleep during Hamlet and he’s not super gorgeous nor immortal, he cares for her and well, she just indulges him.

Anyway, her uncle and cousin are stealing money from the shipping company (her father had placed her uncle in charge when he went off to Egypt) and after some words, her cousin tries to poison her, which causes Ramses to come out of his coffin and scare the living daylights out of him. She’s completely fascinated. I’m telling you, I don’t get this woman.

Long story short, she falls madly in love with him and decides to take him to Egypt (because her cousin is making noise about Ramses in the press) in company of her betrothed, his father (who believes the whole immortality shenanigans) and her cousin. Bad idea darling, because our dear Ramses is still hung up on his old lover, none other than Cleopatra and is still somewhat bitter that Cleo rejected his offer of immortality due to her love for Marc Anthony.

Lots of stuff happens and Ramses manages to reanimate Cleopatra, who is now out for vengeance. Julie is despairing and tries to kill herself only to be saved by Ramses and all is forgiven (never mind he dumped you for his old lover). Cleopatra manages to seduce Henry (Julie’s betrothed) and nearly kills Julie herself (had it happened, I assure you I’d be grateful). Long story short Julie’s cousin ends up getting himself killed and turned into a mummy, Henry winds up alone or with someone non important, Henry’s father accepts the offer of immortality from Ramses and goes off in his merry ways and Julie accepts immortality too. Cleopatra is believed to be dead after a train crash that exploded and now the two lovebirds (Julie & Ramses) can be together forever. Spoiler alert: Cleo survived.


Basically, I was so done with this book 1/3 of it in, I just wanted it to end. I didn’t like it, seriously I don’t. I get the whole idea of immortality sucking badly if you have no one to share it with, but come one; Julie was an annoying twit and Ramses needed to be slapped. Seriously, this book is off to the donation bin.


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