Monday Quote: Shirley Manson

If you have any opinions at all or if you’re even remotely verbal then they’re going to call you fiery.
Shirley Manson

I very much think this one is self explanatory. Let’s be honest, how many times have we not bitten our tongues and swallow our words in fear of judgment? On fear of being called bossy, demanding, bitchy?

If you have a contradictory opinion to what it’s supposed to be the ‘right one’, you’re called a hater. If not much worst and that’s an understatement.

When did we became so sensitive that we resent opinions that differ of our own? Why is that someone’s opinion is held at a higher value than other? Why do we sometimes wish to blind ourselves and believe the lies fed to us by whatever it may be?

I’ve seen it so many times and lived it myself, we can’t express how we really feel because someone is bound to take offense. I remember the days when the Twilight Series was at its high, one fan sent Stephenie Meyer a well written letter, there were no offenses nor insults; but offer what I thought at the time valuable advice for her further novels. The reply came in the for of Seth Meyer’s very angry letter, she made it public, so I’m sure it’s somewhere out there in the internet. But it was demeaning and offensive towards someone who was sending simple advice.

Why should I gulp down my words and be silent? No one should, I honestly believe that adults should be able to handle themselves, but then again, it might be wishful thinking on my part. I don’t have a problem with being told the truth, of hearing criticism (I encourage it), I draw the line at insults.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, because sometimes, it echoes somewhere and it may bring good things.


Ps: It’s still Monday, 8 pm my time.




About Visenya Romanoff

What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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