Prince Charles & Dumfries House

Last night PBS aired an episode regarding Scotland Great Estates and it was Dumfries House’s turn. The original documentary aired in the UK two years ago and you can view it here: Dumfries House.

Prince Charles via The Prince’s Trust made an effort to avoid the House from being sold, as he put it: “It is rare to find a House like this with all its furnishings.” And has even gone so far as to use the acreage to create places of work training for the community.

Young previously unemployed people were hired and awards granted for them to study a trade, something that the people in the community seemed very thankful for. For not only brought employment, it also is attracting tourism. Prince Charles did a spread for Architectural Digest when the renovation was ready.

And as per last night episode, he threw a reception in celebration having for guests heads of the Commonwealth. The renovation was said to have reached the 3 million pounds in cost.

And as per what was shown in the House, it is wonderful. It’s a good thing that a beautiful Estate like that was able to be saved and its treasures kept (an early Murano chandelier priced around thousands of BP) and tapestries featuring newly discovered flowers (when it was commissioned, of course).

And it’s also good that it has helped people and the community that needed it. Atta boy Charles.


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