Prince William’s Savvy Young Lady

While I was doing the posts for “The Ups and Downs of a Royal Fairy Tale”, I found an old article that spoke about how Kate and how she was very, very savvy during both the relationship and break up (this article is from 2007), so I figure I’d posts some quotes and let you decide. Also, friendly warning, this post on my part is full of sarcasm.

William’s Savvy Young Lady

Shortly before leaving a nightclub, or indeed any place where she knows there are going to be photographers present, Kate Middleton completes a well-rehearsed drill; one that has become something of a joke among herself and her circle.
“I’ve got to pop to the loo,” she announces, before disappearing to powder her nose, reapply her make-up and brush her hair. Then, almost before you can say “Cheese”, she is outside, perfectly groomed and ready to face the inevitable bank of paparazzi cameras.

Which makes sense, considering that when you look at pictures of Kate going out and leaving the clubs she always looks well. No runny make up, no sweat, hair groomed. She definitely didn’t look like someone who had partied hard, not at all.

But then, who can blame Kate for wanting to look her best or, on occasion, enjoying the attention that comes with being the long-term girlfriend and possible future wife of the third in line to the throne?

Which is hilarious, considering how much she “dislikes” the paps and now is the uttermost model of modesty and certainly not enjoying the pictures nor the attention. Of course not. She doesn’t enjoy them, at all, she suffers through them. And that ladies and gents was sarcasm, by the way.

She’s also traded up in the transport stakes. Public transport is about to be swopped for a soon-to-be-delivered, “cut-price” £23,000 Audi, the make preferred by Prince William and his family. Friends say she approached the German car maker herself after receiving rave reviews about Audi from William and Harry (they both drive Audis).
The sporty hatchback is said to be just one of a number of gifts Kate has accepted. Among them is the latest £1,000 Burberry Manor bag and another by designer Melissa del Bono (worth at least £300).

Say it isn’t so! Our dearest Kate accepting freebies, no way. She would not do that, not at all! And she most certainly wouldn’t accept a “cut price” car, no sir, I’m sure she paid every cent from her own hardworking pocket. Sarcasm again people.

But, then, Kate is used to juggling her life. How else could she manage to hold down her job as assistant accessories buyer for fashion label Jigsaw with clubbing at Mamalanji on Monday night/Tuesday morning, shopping on the Kings Road, riding lessons at stables in her native Berkshire, and pampering in Sloane Street? Her pampering session, incidentally, is said to have cost £500.

And as we know, per Belle Robinson’s own words Kate wanted a job that would permit her have “a relationship with a high status man.” Also… wasn’t Kate allergic to horses? Oh right, that’s not true. The allergy is only when convenient, I guess.

Inevitably, as Kate has become more involved with William and the Royal Family, some of her older friendships have suffered.
“Mel and her boyfriend and Kate and William used to all hang out together at university,” said the source. But Mel was Kate’s friend, and her boyfriend, who played rugby, was William’s.
“No one could believe that she hadn’t been invited, and he had. Everyone was really shocked. Kate was very popular at St Andrews, everyone liked her. But she has inevitably changed over the past year. She is not the same person. Her new lifestyle has meant that most of her old friends from St Andrews hardly see her.”

Kate, cutting out friends? No way! She’s a paragon of virtue our dearest Kate who wouldn’t ever think about dumping her friends. I’m sure her invite was lost in the mail and when Kate found out, she was in a tremendous grief at the knowledge.

The other is her mother, Carole, who has often been spotted with Kate on the Kings Road. How delighted she must be at the matches both her beautiful daughters have made.

Ah Carole, I’m sure she is over the moon that Kate did married William. Too bad Pippa didn’t keep JJ Jardine-Matheson…

It has been said, doubtless mischievously, that Carole encouraged Kate in her relationship with William, persuading her to switch from another university to St Andrews once it was known he was to study there, and to enrol on the same history of art course (William later switched to geography).

Dude, Kate following William’s footsteps is downright eerie and a bit creepy. Almost stalkerish.

Fast-forward to 2004, and one newspaper headline which read: Prince Tells His Student Girlfriend He Wants A Trial Separation After Rows About Their Future.
In fact, it was Kate who “dumped” William, according to the source. Her “decision” followed a black-tie ball where William reportedly ignored Kate by chatting all night to society heiress Isabella Calthorpe. The “dumping”, apparently, lasted little more than a month.
“William has a reputation for having a wandering eye, and this was Kate’s way of keeping him under control, but she would never let him go,” says the source.

Of course she would never let him go, are you kidding me? The woman wanted Prince William! And I’m sure mommy approved and James too, judging by his “my sister is going to be Queen” comment.

Indeed, her warm relationship with the camera can be exemplified by her appearance at William’s passing out parade last December. Clarence House had briefed the media that Kate would be making a low-key entrance with her family.
“To our amazement, she arrived by the same route taken by the Queen and Prince Charles,” said one photographer. “She was ready for the occasion wearing a bright red dress. It was an incredibly assured performance. I have photographed Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss – if they don’t want their picture taken, you know about it. This is not the case with Kate Middleton.”
Another added: “When I have photographed her outside her home, she comes out and she says things like “I hope you haven’t been waiting too long”, and “I hope you are not cold”.

And now, Kate is so uncomfortable with the camera and has to suffer all in the name of love! What a Saint that woman is, I’m telling you, downright inspirational. How funny that now she’s taking her husband side on the ‘paps are bad’ side, instead of helping him see that they are friendly people. Yeah like that’s going to happen.

She enjoys the attention, she thrives in it and craves it. Almost as if she were getting her dose of attention and worship filled a void inside of her. Which void, I could not tell, but she’s certainly not uncomfortable in the media’s eye. She lives for it.



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2 Responses to Prince William’s Savvy Young Lady

  1. Lisa says:

    She wants the spotlight, she loves the spotlight, but if caveman husband Williams says “spotlight bad!” then dutiful wife follows along.

    Anyone who thinks these two just happened to meet and fall in love needs to get their heads checked. This woman and her mother played him and reeled him in. He took the bait and at some point said “whoa!” but then turned around and and got hooked big time. Now he has to live with this wonderful world that was created for him. And based on his recent actions he’s not a happy camper.

    • I think you just won something for the caveman comment. Seriously.

      Agreed, these two didn’t just ‘casually’ met. Kate had been following his footsteps for a while long before they actually crossed paths.
      I have no doubt that Ma Midds is quite pleased with the fact that they did in fact marry. I think the problem is Kate was a known person for William and he couldn’t handle being rejected, so he would go back to her because he knew she would be waiting.

      He dug in his own grave and now I’m sure he regrets it. His actions and behavior aren’t of a man happy and content with his lot in life (specially personal life!)

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