The Ups and Downs of a Royal Fairy Tale Part 4

And now, we reach our long awaited finale.

  • William and Kate: Wedding Bells in the Distance.

“Not so “Waity Katy”, as many of her circle have begun to call her (never, needless to say, to her face) in reference to the fact that waiting for the prince to put a ring on her finger seems to be the primary objective in her life.
This is even more true since she quit her four-days-a-week job as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw in late autumn, citing the need, at 25, for “some time to herself”.
At the time, she declared an interest in photography, and has since helped oversee a photography exhibition of celebrity portraits at Terence Conran’s The Bluebird restaurant on London’s fashionable King’s Road.
But, that apart, it’s not clear quite how Kate does fill the days.

“William would be considered an utter cad to dump her again, which ties his hands somewhat – and she knows it,” says one royal observer.
Friends do say that the couple are “closer than ever” and that “there is a maturity to their relationship that wasn’t there before”.
That’s not to say the romance isn’t without its glitches.
There was something of a bust-up in December when William accompanied his stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall, and her two grown-up children, Laura and Tom Parker-Bowles, for dinner at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair. Kate, apparently, felt that she ought to have been invited, too.
And the determined Miss Middleton recently “went ballistic”, say friends, when she discovered William had been confiding in two of his close female friends, rather than exclusively sharing his feelings with her.

Last summer, she was even, as one who knows her notes, using a picture of the prince as the wallpaper background-on the screen of her mobile phone, “though whether she put it there to remind everyone else of the connection, or just because she was so relieved to be able once again to consider him as a prospective son-in-law, who knows?”
Carole has also resumed her chatter about plans for a “grand wedding”.
As one source puts it: “She has this vision of her daughter waltzing down the aisle at St Paul’s to worldwide acclaim and adoration.” Daily Mail.

Oh look, Carole shows up again.

In March, they take a ski trip to Klosters.

In May, Kate attends the wedding of Peter and Autumn (neé Kelly) Phillips while William attends the wedding of a friend in Africa.

Later, Kate attends William’s RAF ceremony: “Kate attends RAF ceremony after William has a change of heart.
Kate Middleton was a surprise guest at Prince William’s RAF wings ceremony after he had a sudden change of heart and insisted she was put on the list.
William, 25, had originally excluded his 26-year-old girlfriend. But three days before he was due to receive the wings from his father Prince Charles at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, he put her name forward.
A senior aide said: “He suddenly changed his mind on Tuesday.” Daily Mail.

The now infamous Roller Disco happens, it is said that it caused tensions between Kate and Princess Beatrice.


William and Kate spend the New Year’s in Birkhall in Balmoral.

Kate watches William play polo.

Kate shows up at the “Tenacity” movie premiere. Rumors fly that a wedding will happen during the 2012.

Carole has a “talk” with William: “However at Christmas 2009 Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, reportedly took William aside to discuss a possible engagement.
A friend said: ‘She put some pressure on William to let the family know where it was all leading.
William reassured her the relationship was very much on track and that there would be an engagement soon. Carole trusted William and put her faith in him.’” Entertainment Wise.

“And redoubtable Carole Middleton certainly wasn’t prepared to avoid the subject just because the man dating her daughter was a future King.
Worried about the absence of a ring on Kate’s finger, the Middleton matriarch took Prince William aside to press him on his plans.
The meeting took place when William visited the Middleton family just before Christmas 2009.” Daily Mail.

Oh lookie, Carole yet again, yay!

At some point in 2010, they move in together in Anglesey.

They travel to Africa and become engaged.

The Queen and Prince Charles are only told of the engagement with 2 hours before the official and public announcement.

William admits that he asked Kate first, then asked her father for permission.

William tells Harry of the engagement saying: “You have a sister.”

A date is set for the wedding, it’s the day of St. Catherine.

The Palace is frustrated and the Queen is left on the dark regarding details of the wedding: “The decision by Prince William to oversee every last detail of his royal wedding has caused friction and complicated the preparations, sources claimed last night. They said William has insisted his four-strong team of aides take charge – and has kept Buckingham Palace, which would normally play a key role, ‘largely in the dark’. Based at St James’s Palace, William’s advisers were already on the back foot after he sprang last Tuesday’s engagement announcement upon them with just two hours’ warning.
But The Mail on Sunday has been told that his refusal since then to accept help from senior members of the Queen’s household has added to the ‘general sense of frustration’. A source said: ‘The Queen has joked that she hasn’t a clue what is going on, but it is actually quite serious. This is turning into a drawn out and rather complicated process.’ It also hasn’t helped that William, an RAF search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, returned to work after last week’s announcement.”

William and Kate don’t attend the pre-wedding dinner the Queen throws for fellow royals.

Wedding day: William wears his Irish uniform, Kate wears a McQueen dress by Sarah Burton, Pippa’s butt gets a fanbase. Princess Beatrice’s hat gets plenty of attention. William looks bored during the ceremony. Princess Anne is said to whisper “from rags to riches”, Kate rolls her eyes at the “…for poorer” part. Kate’s ring gets stuck and William struggles to place it. They do.

They set off to the morning and the fairy tale ends (or at least the part when they get to the wedding). Everything else, comes later my dears because as we know, this story is far from over.




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