The Ups and Downs of a Royal Fairy Tale Part 3


Let’s proceed with our story shall we? Because we’re standing on the edge of a precipice when it comes to our two lovebirds. Without any further ado, here we go:

  • William and Kate: The Break Up in Sight.

2006 Prince Harry graduates from Sandhurst, Kate is not present for the ceremony. But she was present for the after party.

In May, Kate attends the wedding of Camilla’s daughter with William.

Prince William, Kate and her family made off to Ibiza and they stay with Kate’s now infamous uncle at his house: “Maison de Bang Bang.”

A rumor flies that Kate is pregnant. I will not comment much on it, but our dear Lola Heart has made a post about it [That First Kate Pregnancy Rumor], I do recommend you read it and draw your own conclusions.

Then, during William’s passing parade Kate and her parents were invited. Later, plans were made for William to join the Middleton family in Scotland for the Hogmanay. According to one report, William canceled by phone, leaving Kate in tears: According to a source close to the family, he informed a tearful Kate during a late-night conversation on Boxing Day. For William it was no big deal, but for Kate the cancellation was a sign of something more sinister to come.

She had good reason to be concerned. William had been having second thoughts and sat down with his father and his grandmother to have a frank discussion about his future with Kate. Both advised him not to hurry into anything. Daily Mail.

And in the second article William didn’t even bother to phone her to let her know he wasn’t going: “Last Christmas, the Middletons rented Jordanstone House, near Blairgowrie in Scotland, for the holiday. The cost was almost £5,000, but Mrs Middleton believed it was worth every penny. Jordanstone House, a late 18th century country residence with oak-panelled rooms, stone f lag f loors and valuable antiques, puts many a visitor in mind of a stately home.

Perfect, she thought, for a family Christmas to which Prince William had been invited. Kate was there, with her sister Pippa and brother James, and William was awaited. And awaited. Kate phoned him again and again. But William, it seemed, had no intention of spending Christmas – or New Year – with the family half the nation believed would soon become his in-laws.

Mrs Middleton is a woman of the world. She saw quite a lot of it during her career as an air stewardess, and she has a reputation for being nobody’s fool. Thus, when she saw Kate slam the door of her room at Jordanstone House and cry herself to sleep, she knew something had to be done.

A source close to Kate said: “Basically, Mrs Middleton gave Kate a good talking to. ‘You’re 25 next month,’ she said, ‘you can’t drift forever.’ She told Kate that if Wills didn’t commit she could hang on for a year, two or even three and then find herself ‘damaged goods’. She’d be on the shelf and find it hard to make a good match.

“She told Kate she had to explain her position to Wills and make him understand that if his intentions were serious he needed to prove it.” Daily Mail.

You know, as someone who is currently 28 (admittedly single and with no intentions of marrying) I find almost offensive if true that Carole told her she would be ‘damaged goods’. I do think that Carole was pushing for some reassurance, but, I find it incredibly funny that they both seemed to ‘forget’ that William himself had said that he didn’t want to marry until “28 or 30”.

And when Kate officially turned 25, she went out to find a bunch of paps waiting for her, because it had been reported that an engagement was ‘imminent’ and wanted a ‘pre-engagement’ picture.

  • Kate: What do you do? Jigsaw, Will’s Partying & Break-Ups.

So, Kate begins to ‘work’ at Jigsaw as an accessories buyer. But previously, she attended a party and says: “I’m not really fussed about fashion. I’m here to support Belle and John.”

And quite an interesting quotes from Belle Robinson, owner of Jigsaw: She genuinely wanted a job but she needed an element of flexibility to continue the relationship with a very high-profile man and a life that she can’t dictate. She’s going to be dictated to when she’s needed and not needed.”

Despite what many people believe, Belle says Kate got no official support: “Only if she were a fiancée would she get support. She said she can turn to William’s press guy if there’s a political problem with the press, but only if it’s serious.” Standard.

And then there was that time when Kate got called a WAG: “Prince William urged his girlfriend to get a job because he feared she was being portrayed as a footballers’- wives – style professional shopper.
The 24-year-old prince expressed concern that Kate Middleton had not found full-time work since she graduated from St Andrews University in June 2005, friends have revealed.He was also alarmed that she was being regularly photographed laden with designer bags in the same way as Wayne Rooney’s fiancee Coleen McLoughlin.”  Daily Mail.

And who can forget that even the Queen was dragged into Kate’s lack of work issues: “The Queen is becoming increasingly concerned that Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton still does not have a job.
And senior Buckingham Palace aides say that what is now referred to in the Royal inner-circle as the Kate Problem should be resolved before William announces his engagement to her.” Daily Mail.

I find this little tidbit interesting: “Excitedly, they mocked up a £20 note, replacing the Queen’s head with Kate’s and underneath it the words ‘HRH Katy’. They left it on her desk and she loved it.
‘She and William had discussed engagement at length and he had assured her that things would be formalised within weeks,’ says a friend of Kate.
The fact that Kate, normally so discreet, felt confident enough to mention this shows how sure she was that she would be wearing a ring then and not several years later.” Daily Mail.

And then it was that small issue of William’s partying and being seen with other women and his party lifestyle: “In 2007 William and Kate split amid rumours she disapproved of his party lifestyle and his reluctance to propose.”

“But by March 2007 there were signs that William’s Army life was placing the relationship under strain. The couple, whose pet names for each other are Big Willie and Babykins, appeared distant at a visit to Cheltenham racecourse. It followed revelations that William had spent the night dancing in a Bournemouth nightclub with a 19-year-old blonde named Lisa Agar.  Standard.

“William told Kate of his frustration that he could not fully concentrate on his new life as a young officer. Nor did he feel free to enjoy himself. He knows he faces increasing commitments as he takes on a more senior role in the Royal Family.
He now believes his two years in the Army could be his last chance for fun.
Kate told him she felt abandoned by his long hours with the Army and did not want to be treated like a doormat.
She was also said to have asked William for assurances about their future after he cavorted with Tess Shepherd, Ana Ferreira and Lisa Agar on a series of nights out.
Wills twirled PR Tess round a dance floor at West London nightclub Boujis last month before they shared a kiss. Lisa, 19, and Ana, 18, met the prince during a boozy night out in Bournemouth three weeks ago.
Wills invited Lisa back to his barracks and was pictured with his hand on Ana’s breast. Both women said he was acting like he was single, but denied anything happened.
Lisa said she was shocked when she heard about his break-up. She said: “He didn’t seem like someone at the end of a relationship.” Mirror.

“Prince William was dallying with at least two society beauties as Kate Middleton battled to saved their four-year romance.
He has been involved in a serious ‘flirtation’ with a well-connected young woman for four months – although he is said to be keener on her than she is on him, we can reveal. At the same time the future King has been seen kissing and cuddling with an attractive blonde in a London nightclub.
William, who is back in army training today at a camp in Dorset, began acting as a single man after Kate revealed her devastation that an expected announcement of their engagement never came in February.
“As far as she was concerned, it wasn’t a question of ‘if ‘, just ‘when’,” said a friend. “She openly admitted that she expected a formal announcement to be made by Clarence House.”
However William, 24, had made clear to those close to him that while he was extremely fond of Kate, he never thought of her as “the one”. He was, he said, too young to settle down and wanted to throw himself into his career as an Army officer. “All the fun has gone,” he complained. “I don’t want to be nailed down.”
While the Queen and Prince Charles, both of whom are said to like Kate immensely, are said to be sad but supportive of William’s decision, Prince Harry is known to have had sympathy with those of William’s friends who dubbed Kate “the limpet”. This Is London.

William decided to celebrate the end of his relationship rather differently – with a trip to the Mahiki club in Central London. The news of their split was not yet public, but those around him had more than a clue of what was going on when he leaped on to a table, shouting ‘I’m free!’. Daily Mail.

Kate’s next boyfriend can expect paparazzi on his doorstep, but it is William’s next love affair that will provide the greatest excitement. Sources have told The Observer that news of who she is will break sooner rather than later: ‘He broke up with Kate because he’s met someone else who’s turned his head,’ one source said. ‘She’s from a decent background but is very naughty and he finds her much more exciting.’
The Sun quoted a close friend as saying: ‘As far as Kate is concerned, William simply hasn’t been paying her enough attention. She is stuck in London while he is living in an officer’s mess in Dorset. Kate feels hugely frustrated that their relationship just seems to be going backwards at a rate of knots.’ The Guardian.

It seems that Prince William himself reacted to his reported breakup with his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton with a night out on the town Saturday night in London.
The prince reportedly ran up a $9,000 bar bill at a nightclub, where he allegedly yelled, “I’m free.”
But today in Britain, there is still a great amount of attention about why and what went wrong.
To many British people, the split came as a huge surprise.
“I saw Kate as looking so confident in her role,” Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward told “Good Morning America Weekend Edition.” “She looked the cat that had stole[n] the cream.”
Few really know the reason for the reported split, but that has not stopped the Sunday newspapers in London from staking their claim to the “truth,” with claims that Prince William felt the fun had gone out of their relationship. Some reports mentioned a “make or break” decision that William was asked to make.
According to those reports, at a meeting 10 days ago, senior royals told him he should either marry Middleton if he is ready to commit or let her get on with her life. ABC News.

  • Kate: Committed to her job & “Look at what you’re missing.”

You know that awesome comment by Belle that Kate needed a job with some liberties? Well, here are some comments by others regarding her ‘work’:

“Kate is a nice enough girl but she was never what you might call committed to the job,” said a fellow staff member. “She never worked full-time and appeared to take an inordinate amount of time off to go jetting round the world with her boyfriend.” Catwalk Queen.

“She was popular and polite. She’s had the nickname HRH for a while at Jigsaw but I’m not sure if she is aware of that. Nice girl, down to earth and chatty if you bumped into her in the ladies. It raised a few eyebrows that she wasn’t here much, though.” British Royal Wedding.

“A supposed “friend” of Kate’s told the Daily Mail that the Jigsaw gig was not that important: ‘It was a job of convenience, a stop-gap.’ One of her former workmates at Jigsaw was a little more generous, telling the Daily Mail: “Kate is a nice enough girl but she was never what you might call committed to the job. She never worked full-time and appeared to take an inordinate amount of time off to go jetting round the world with her boyfriend. It certainly rubbed a few people here up the wrong way. To be told she would be resting for a while ‘looking at other things’ didn’t exactly come as a surprise. She has always been treated as a special case.” The Sun.

The Break-Up, as witnessed:

“The colleague disclosed: “Around the middle of the day, she was pacing the car park outside the office on her mobile.
“A few people noticed because it’s a pretty unusual thing to do. She’d deliberately gone outside to take the call because she didn’t want to be overheard.
“Kate was walking up and down and looking upset as if she was having an argument. But she didn’t cry. Word went round that it was William and they were having problems. Now it’s clear what it was all about.
“When she came back to the office she didn’t say a thing and disappeared for the rest of the day. She hasn’t been back to work since.
“When someone asked where she was, they were told she was sick. Yet she hasn’t been marked sick in the book.” Mirror.

“A workmate saw Kate take William’s call on her mobile phone after arriving for work looking “subdued, but OK”.
The colleague disclosed: “Around the middle of the day, she was pacing the car park outside the office on her mobile.
“A few people noticed because it’s a pretty unusual thing to do. She’d deliberately gone outside to take the call because she didn’t want to be overheard.
“Kate was walking up and down and looking upset as if she was having an argument. But she didn’t cry. Word went round that it was William and they were having problems. Now it’s clear what it was all about.
“When she came back to the office she didn’t say a thing and disappeared for the rest of the day. She hasn’t been back to work since.
“When someone asked where she was, they were told she was sick. Yet she hasn’t been marked sick in the book.
“We didn’t think anything about it at the time. But looking back, the call was definitely a girlfriend-boyfriend tiff.” Mirror.

According to her uncle Gary, Kate was “Very Low“, during her break-up.

Kate Middleton’s mum is at breaking point over claims she was to blame for her daughter’s split from Prince William.
Ex-air stewardess Carole, 51, has been in tears for two days after courtiers said she was “too common” for Kate to marry Wills.
Kate’s dad Michael is said to be so concerned by his wife’s state of mind that he has booked a last-minute Caribbean holiday.
The crisis comes after claims that Wills had to break up with Kate because she lacked the breeding to become a princess. The Sun.

And then people wonder what I dislike Carole.

“The impact of the split after four years together was little short of catastrophic for her, yet she managed to retain her poise and control, and hid her disappointment with laughing nights out, allowing herself to be seen with other men and photographed by the paparazzi – something William hated. But she kept the £20 note.” Daily Mail.

Is anyone really surprised that she kept that bill? Of course not. She knew what she was after.

And how can we forget that she ‘blamed Charles‘ for hers and William’s break up?

And of course we all know what happened, Kate went into full on party girl mode. Out almost every night, low cuts, short dresses, seen in masculine company, specially a (once friend I suppose) of Wills:

“A source has told The Sun newspaper: “Henry [Ropner] is delighted to be there for Kate now that she?s split from William. They’ve been meeting up and enjoying themselves.
“There’s been a lot of flirting. Now she’s single, Kate is enjoying Henry’s company regularly.”
Kate’s tendency to tread on her ex’s old stomping ground has been the source of mild annoyance for the Prince.
“Since their split she has taken to hanging out at all his favourite bars which has irritated him a little, even though the break-up remains perfectly amicable,” an insider said.” Daily Mail.

And this is other famed ‘Henry’ in Kate’s life. So far, not a mention of anyone actually named Harry. You know how she’s called a ‘demure’ woman now? And how she would never wear rabbit ears on a party? Well, it seems that people and the media has a selective memory:

“She attended diverse events, including a reception at luxury jeweller Asprey for the launch of Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore and, on another night, attended a party to promote the film Rabbit Fever, which was about women obsessed with a brand of sex toy. 
Gone were the frumpy tweeds of two months earlier; now Kate wore a slinky off-the-shoulder top and silky skirt with a bare midriff and caramel tan. Once inside the party she put on a pair of pink silk bunny ears and proceeded, as one party- goer put it, to ‘tease all the boys’.” Daily Mail.

And you know how we’ve been told she doesn’t drink either?

“I think she’s an awful lot of fun, and she can drink Prince William under the table,” Nicholl told “Early Show” co-anchor Erica Hill Wednesday. “I’ve been at nightclubs with her where I’ve seen her (drinking with William) and do shot after shot, and she’s the one (left) standing and William is the one who’s looking totally out of it. So, she’s quite a partier. I know people think she is very demure and a bit of a wallflower, which she is. But I’ve always said, don’t underestimate this girl. There’s a lot to her.
“But she is a lot of fun, and I think she has a reputation being a bit of a Plain Jane. And there’s just a lot more to her. Here in England, we haven’t seen that much of her. That press conference (with Prince William) at St. James’s Palace yesterday was the first time that we’ve heard her speak, that we’ve seen her picture, that we’ve seen her take the stage. … I think she did an amazing job.” CBS News.

One of Kate’s favourite tipples is reportedly Jack Daniels, although she has been known to drink the “Crack Baby” cocktails sold at Boujis.”

And then, they were back together:

“A make-or-break holiday followed and Kate reportedly gave William an ultimatum. According to the book, the pair then made a pact to marry and have children.” Entertainment Wise.

And here we have it. A small break down of the “Big Break Up”, honestly, I don’t have much to tell you, other than it was a whirlwind and I’m still surprised that this relationship is hailed as a good thing, because in my eyes, it isn’t. Quite frankly, I think it’s toxic and it brings out the worst in both of them.

Part 4 will continue soon, I think it would be fitting to end it at the wedding and everything else to be treated separately. Anyways, thank you for reading.













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