The Ups and Downs of a Royal Fairy Tale Part 2

(Previous Part can be found here.)

Let us carry on with the ‘fairy tale’ yes? Let’s take a look at William, before Kate.

  • William, before Kate:

In 2000, William graduates Eton and announces his choice of University: St. Andrews. To which it’s announced he will attend after ending his gap year, in the Autumn of 2001. And William goes of to Belize with the Welsh Guards taking exercises.

William takes part in Raleigh International, says that the community phase is his favorite part: “Here you are actually making a difference to other people’s lives. At the same time, they invite us into their houses. It’s the idea of getting along with someone even though there’s a language barrier. Everyone here is so friendly, we all get on so well, and you don’t need words.”  Telegraph.

Prince William has a ‘summer fling’ with Arabella Musgrave before leaving for St. Andrews:

They danced and drank into the early hours, and when Arabella said goodnight to the guests, the Prince quietly slipped out of the room to follow her. It was the beginning of a passionate romance, and the two spent as much time together that summer as possible.

But by September, when William left for his first year at St Andrews, he and Arabella had already made the mutual decision to put their relationship on hold. William would be meeting new people at the university, and Arabella could not expect him to wait for her. However, it wasn’t long before William became bored in Scotland. He missed his friends and going to his favourite London nightclubs.

The advantage of St Andrews being so small was that he was well protected, but the town could be claustrophobic. He also missed Arabella. Despite his decision to cool things with her, he took comfort from the fact that she was back at home, and when he returned to Highgrove for weekends, they would meet. 

Then, during his first year, he dated Carley Massy-Birch: “It’s such a small place that it was impossible not to bump into William, and after a while there was nothing weird about seeing him around. We got on well, but I think we would have got on well even if nothing had been going on romantically. It was very much a university thing, just a regular university romance.”

It ended when Carley made William chose between her and Arabella.

Now, one thing that has been repeated ad nauseum is that it was Kate who persuaded William to remain in St. Andrews, when in reality, it was none other than Prince Charles, William’s own words on the issue: “I don’t think I was homesick – I was more daunted. My father was very understanding and realised I had the same problem as he probably had. We chatted a lot and in the end we both realised – I definitely realised – that I had to come back.” Daily Mail.

  • William and Kate: The beginning.

After seeing Kate on the runway, William said “Wow, Kate’s hot” to his friend Fergus Boyd.

When a girl started flirting with William at a party in St Andrews, Kate walked across the room and put both her arms around him, so he was able to say, ‘Sorry, I have a girlfriend,’ before mouthing ‘thank you’ to Kate.

In September of 2002, William, Kate, Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale moved into a house outside college grounds, each paying 100 BP per week. It’s said that during that period their romance began.

William attends Kate’s belated 21st Birthday in June of 2003. William invites Kate to his own but…

It was Jecca Craig who sat next to William as his ‘guest of honor’ in an “Out of Africa” theme party. William had been close to Jecca since his first trip to Africa and it is said that the two of them had a ‘pretend engagement’.

William and Kate would later move into Balgove House, Fergus Boyd decided not to.

April 1st 2004 the rumors of their romance is confirmed by a set of photographs of the pair at Klosters.

And it was during the summer of the same year when William told friends that he felt ‘claustrophobic’ in his relationship with Kate and took an all-men vacation.

They were back together by Autumn: “He has been unhappy in the relationship for a while, but the last thing he wants is a high-profile split in the crucial months leading up to his finals.
“Although he thinks the world of Kate he has confided to at least one of his best friends that things have been getting a little boring and he thinks that they are better suited as friends.”

And of course, as I mentioned above the vacation: “According to members of the Prince’s inner circle, cracks started to appear in the relationship in September when William and six of his friends took their boys-only sailing holiday in Greece.
The group hired an all-female crew, which is said to have upset Kate, who was told she was not welcome on the cruise.
William had a great holiday with the boys,” said the source. “There was a lot of drinking and a lot of fun. It was Wills’s idea to request an all-female crew.
During the summer he was moaning to his friends about how claustrophobic he was feeling in his relationship with Kate.
He had specifically said when he planned the trip that it was to be a boys-only holiday and Kate was not invited.
Kate is a lovely girl but quite normal almost to the point of being square, and the truth is that although William gives the impression of being shy, he likes the company of racy and outgoing girls.”  Daily Mail.

William is quoted saying: “Look, I’m only 22 for God’s sake. I’m too young to marry at my age. I don’t want to get married until I’m at least 28 or maybe 30.”

And then we get to Isabella Calthorpe, whose friendship with William is said to be one of the reasons of the ’04 split. And in October of ’05, during a black tie ball, William spent his time chatting with Isabella, prompting Kate to storm off in a ball of fury. Daily Mail. I find this a little ironic, why? Because I seem to recall that one girlfriend of Prince Charles dumped him after he spend the night flirting away with Camilla; but unlike Kate, this girlfriend never took Charles back and moved on with her life.

And then of course, there’s that lovely comment of Kate being jealous of other girls:

Friends at St Andrews say Kate was less accommodating of Olivia Hunt, an aspiring writer whom William met during his first year at St Andrews.

“William was seeing Olivia when he met Kate and when Kate came on the scene Olivia moved off pretty quickly,’ said one.

“Kate was jealous of other girls at St Andrews. There was one from Greece who William took a shine to. Kate had a real problem with her because she and William got so friendly.” Daily Mail.

In 2005, they graduate from St. Andrews and holiday together abroad.

End of part 2: In which we see how the relationship started and I personally, find it odd that William would feel ‘claustrophobic’ in the relationship so early on. Perhaps it is because he’d never been in a long term, stable relationship before or maybe, just maybe, Kate was really overwhelming and William couldn’t handle it.

Part 3 is in the works.





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