The Ups and Downs of a Royal Fairy Tale Part 1

(Alternate working title: In which Visenya wants to set Vhagar on people because of the many re-writes of said fairy tale.)

As a royal watcher, avid reader and writer, I want to say something regarding the royal fandom: You guys are far too liberal with the whole concept of ‘fairy tale’. You might ask, but Visenya, why? Well simple: the original purpose of a fairy tale was that of a cautionary tale.

It’s almost like they erased the whole Diana & Charles fiasco from their minds. Ok, I grant you that both Diana and Charles contributed to the whole crumbling of their marriage and neither party looks good in hindsight. I think that alone, should make people wary of labeling something as ‘fairy tale’, specially when it revolves around the royal family.

Let’s get the story started yes? Well, brace yourself we are now full speed ahead:

  • How they met?

For the longest time we have been told that William and Kate met at St. Andrews University, but now, Katie Nicholl in her book “Kate: The Future Queen” claims that the pair met at Highgrove in 1999, introduced by mutual friends. Two years before they’re ‘official’ meeting.

But of course, sometimes life throws some bumps in the road: They could have met and spent time together TWICE had plans gone smoothly. William was rumored on being planning to study in Florence, but guess who turn out while William didn’t? Yes, you guessed it: Kate.

Bizarrely, Prince William was rumoured to be joining the same study group as his future wife, but he never did. Like the Duchess, Prince William was also set to study art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. However, the Duchess is reported not to have been fussed at the possibility because at the time she was more interested in another boy. Her friend told ‘OK! Magazine’: “The only time I even remember talking about William was when we found out he was coming to study in Florence, we would speculate about hanging out with him, but to be honest she never showed any interest in him or talked about him that much… In fact she was more hung up on a guy called Harry, but things didn’t work out.”

Italy Magazine.

Please note the name Harry, as he possibly show up later on. And what makes this a little stranger than fiction is what follows, at the time when Kate was in Florence, William joined Raleigh International and spent time (10 weeks) doing volunteer work. This was in October of 2000. And guess who turned for January of 2001? You guessed again, Kate!

When she and William almost met during a Raleigh International: She and Prince William completed identical ten-weeks expeditions only months apart during their gap year. Their trips brought them tantalisingly close to meeting a year before enrolling at St. Andrews University.

William, then 18, joined the project from October to December 2000 after leaving Eton. Kate was studying Italian in Florence after completing A-levels, and took up her £2,650 place with Raleigh in January 2001.

Daily Mail.

Now, this would be a complete coincidence if it were not for the fact that her mentor in Marlborough spoke and said that Kate’s first choice in University was Edinburgh; giving up her place and changing to St. Andrews was a risky choice, considering that since William had announced his intentions of attending there, it’s admission rate went up 40%.

I’ll come back to this in a moment, but remember that Harry mentioned above? Well, take a look at this:

The corporate clients loved her, especially the way she always seemed to be showing off her slender legs in tight blue shorts as she served gin and tonics and lunch.
She was working as a deckhand on 72ft sailing boats in the Solent, looking after important clients for mighty companies such as Barclays, BT, Nokia, Toshiba and Volkswagen.
The year was 2001 and everyone referred to the tall, slim girl earning £40 a day as ‘beautiful Kate’.
This was Catherine Middleton at 19, doing her first – and some might waspishly say her only – real job.

‘Most of the talk about her concerned her very tight shorts,’ chortles Sir Chay, 70, who ran the Southampton-based hospitality business.
‘She was competent, she did her job, but the thing about her that stood out was her legs and those shorts.

‘There were all kinds of shenanigans among the girls who came down to work on corporate hospitality days, a lot of going out and drinking, although Kate was a bit more reserved than some of the others.

‘On the boat, it was a case of: “Kate, please scrub the floors” – but sometimes it was: “Kate, would you mind not standing by that hatch when you are serving because it’s a bit revealing for anyone below deck.”

There was, however, one dalliance that continues to intrigue the old salts who worked on the 18-berth vessels at Ocean Village Marina. The lucky man was Ian Henry, who was also working as a deckhand before going up to Oxford.

He achieved what the others could only dream of — he went out with her and they even went on holiday together later that summer to the Caribbean.

Daily Mail.

And from an article from June 2 of 2004, unfortunately, I can’t find the link. I made the mistake of saving the article but not the link:

In 2001, before she left the yacht, Kate had a summer fling with deckhand Ian Henry, much to the envy of the other male crew. They went on a secret holiday to the Caribbean.
Our source said: “Everyone called her Fit Kate and the lads were very jealous she got together with Ian. She was quite a catch.”
“It all ended when they went their separate ways to start university.”

From an article called “Prince William’s Gorgeous Live-In Love.”

Now, freely admit that it might be a stretch, but could the “Harry” mentioned could be really Ian Henry? After all Harry is a common name used instead of Henry. Because as far as I am able to find, there is not another Harry mentioned in any other article. Except for Henry Ropner and that was during the ’07 break up.

  • Kate before William:

As I mentioned above, Kate had followed William’s footsteps and his rumored ones of his gap year. Now, let’s take a look at Kate before William.

Much has already been said — wrongly — about the bullying that day-girl Kate undoubtedly suffered at Downe House, largely at the hands of boarders, who made up 90 per cent of the girls.
In fact, the bullying was not physical, but a form of mental cruelty more commonly found at girls’ schools than boys’.
It has been suggested, for example, that girls put faeces in her bed.
‘There are a couple of rumours I would like to quash,’ says a boarder while Kate was there who knew her well.
‘Our future Queen never took communal showers after games and nobody put anything disgusting in her bed. How could they – she wasn’t a boarder.
‘Anybody who has been to a girls’ public school will know that people don’t push each other around in the playground as boys do.

Daily Mail.

As a matter of fact, wasn’t the bullying given as an excuse to move her from Downe to Marlborough? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because Marlborough is a sister school to Eton, where William attended?

Prince William once visited Marlborough College for a sports fixture but the pair did not meet.”

At ten, she’d watch as William came to play hockey matches at the school.”

More about Kate in Marlborough, information courtesy from Jessica Hay. Yes, THAT Jessica Hay, you know the one who correctly guessed her pregnancies. No biggie.

Long before she was unkindly nicknamed “Waity Katie” by some sections of the media, Miss Middleton had been called “princess in waiting” by her school friends, because she reportedly had a picture of Prince William in his polo kit on her wall at Marlborough College.
One of her closest school friends, Jessica Hay, was the girlfriend of Nicholas Knatchbull, Prince William’s mentor at Eton and a godson of the Prince of Wales.
Miss Hay, who had met Prince William through her boyfriend, said: “We would sit around talking about all the boys at school we fancied. But Catherine would always say, ‘I don’t like any of them … there’s no one quite like William. I bet he’s really kind. You can just tell by looking at him.’
Miss Hay said her friend also had a mischievous side, and would bare her bottom to “moon” at the boys’ dormitory from her window.


You guys ever hear the rather sage advice of not judging a book by it’s cover? Oh Kate, of course there’s no one like William. After all, he’s a HRH and second in line to the British Throne.

Kate participated in the organised school snog, where friends would pass a note to the object of an individual’s affection. The pair would then get together for a snog. Kate’s favourite was Willem Marx, a tall boy with chiselled cheekbones and dirty-blond hair.

Kate purposely turned down Edinburgh:

“We all knew as teachers that that year group was moving in Royal circles, that they were friends,” Anne Patching, Kate’s house-mistress reportedly revealed according to extracts from the book [Kate: The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl].

The book also claims Kate changed her choice of university from Edinburgh to St Andrews after Prince William’s were made public. Not only that she opted to take a gap year, like the prince and had to reapply to St Andrews to get onto the same course as William, despite securing the grades she needed for a place at Edinburgh.

“Kate’s firm choice was Edinburgh and that was confirmed,” Jasper Selwyn, the careers advisor at Marlborough College revealed.

Patching also added that Kate’s sudden career change came as a surprise to those at her school.

“After she left school, Catherine made some different decisions, but why she made those decisions I don’t know,” Patching commented.

Daily Mail.

It has previously been put down to mere coincidence, but it seems Kate deliberately plotted to be there at the same time as the prince.

Jasper Selwyn, a careers adviser at Kate’s former school, Marlborough College, and Joan Gall, her house tutor, confirm in the book that her first choice was not St Andrews at all, but Edinburgh.

Despite achieving the required grades for Edinburgh, one of the country’s top universities, she changed her mind after William’s own choice of university was made public.

In a bold move, Kate turned down the place she had been offered at Edinburgh, decided to take a gap year, just as William was doing, and reapply for St Andrews – a risky strategy as there was no guarantee that she would get a place. Since then, of course, their relationship has flourished.
Daily Mail.

Of course, we all know when Kate specifically is said to have caught William’s attention, in a fashion show in 2002.

Kate in the runway

Kate in the runway

After seeing Kate on the runway, William is reportedly to have said “Wow, Kate’s hot.” to a friend of his.

Also, something very interesting about Kate’s dress, you know this one:

Originally a skirt.

Originally a skirt.

The dress maker has openly spoken about it after the engagement announcement and by her own words, it was meant to be a skirt.

I only made it as a skirt, but they pulled it up on Kate and she wore it as a dress. Maybe if it hadn’t have been see-through, William might not have noticed her.”
~Miss Todd.

Just to recap part 1 of the story, so far, we have different versions of several events. Nothing, it seems is straight forward when it comes to these two and while I concede that the press is perhaps not the most reliable of sources, it will never cease to amaze me how there is never a shortage of stories.

And to think of it, this is only from the years 1999-2002. Oh boy do we still have plenty of grounds to cover my dears. So, grab a cup of wine, relax, read and judge as you see fit. Part 2 is coming and I apologize in advance for any delay that may come.


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2 Responses to The Ups and Downs of a Royal Fairy Tale Part 1

  1. Lisa says:

    Love reading the background. One determined girl and mother pair. All I can say is she wanted it, she went after it, she got it and now she needs to do her part. Guess she didn’t think past the getting the ring to the duties part of being a prominent member of the family.

    I don’t have anything against people wanting better in life, there’s just something very contrived and in some ways underhanded about this whole thing to me. I’m sure there was a real love/like between the two of them early on, but I think that eroded. Wouldn’t be surprised if William hasn’t looked back at the whole thing and realized he was the fox and she was the hunter and he got nailed.

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

    • I have always said that both Kate and Carole only thought of getting to the “I do” part, but never afterwards. IMO, they clearly forgot that Kate would be marrying into a family that it’s refereed to as “The Firm” and not just any aristocratic family.

      You won’t see me complaining against people who want a better life, but I can com plain against Kate because her life is being paid by the public and I feel she should work more and earn it.

      I’m writing the second part at the moment, I can tell you this, William was feeling ‘claustrophobic’ within months of the relationship. If all goes well it should be up within the next days (If I don’t loose my internet connection, that is!).

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Lisa.

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