Martha Stewart vs Goop

A few days ago, my dear Martha Stewart weighted in on lifestyle blogs. Most specially, she aimed her words towards Goop creator Gwyneth Paltrow. Page six reports that she told Porter Magazine that Gwyneth should “Just be quiet.” And “Stick to acting and try to stop wanting to be Martha Stewart.” Paraphrased by the way.

Of course, she did throw a marvelous zinger with the following (as if ‘trying to be MS wasn’t enough):

‘She’s a charming, pretty person who has a feeling for lifestyle,’ said Ms Stewart. ‘She wants to be a lifestyle arbiter. Fine. Good. I think I started this whole category of lifestyle.’

Of course, yours truly is on Team Martha; the woman started from literally nothing. Daughter of Polish immigrants who did modeling in her youth and later went on to start her own catering company and just like that, the Martha Stewart Empire was born. Sure now she has people working the kinks and running a smooth machine, but credit cannot be taken away from her.

I can’t say I disagree with her, while Goop might have some good ideas and good intentions, most of the time whenever I happen to catch a news latter (you think I’d spend my time in Goop’s site? As if) I want to roll my eyes. If truth is told, I will probably never understand these ‘lifestyle’ blogs. The most recent one being “Preserve” by Blake Lively, where you can buy a wood frame filled with Christmas lights for 400.

I’m sure there are many people out there who can afford the lifestyle of Goop and Preserve, but meanwhile, regular people with a budget will probably be most incline to by from the Martha Stewart line, after all, if you’re doing some DIY with glitter, the Martha Stewart brand has some very lovely colors.

And if you want to eat, without being made to feel terrible about it, Martha’s your gal. Because after all, this is the woman who alongside editors, sampled different kinds of hot dogs just to find the best ones in NY. I’m sure Goopy would screech and run the other way at just being presented with one.

So, long live the Stewart Queen. Martha that is.

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2 Responses to Martha Stewart vs Goop

  1. Lisa says:

    Gwyneth is very annoying to me when she talks about lifestyle. Love Martha, she not only made her own way, she had a comeback after prison. Gotta admire that.

    • Gwyneth is on my “Can’t stand” list of celebrities and her Goop blog doesn’t help. I don’t know if you watched “Spain: On the road again” with Mario Batalli, but she literally spit out (on a napkin) a piece of croquette because it had ham in it. Seriously who goes into a food road trip and does that?!

      And Martha didn’t bs her way around it, it was funny when she joked about it on her show and every time she showed off her ankle bracelet. She had the “I was in prison, come at me bro.” That I love and respect.

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