Kate’s pregnant again

So, not so long ago it was confirmed that Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) is pregnant with baby no. 2. Firstly, congratulations, best wishes for both mother and baby.

Now that politeness is out of the way, let me be a bitch for a bit and say that, again, Kate has been diagnosed with HG (same illness she suffered with George) and she’s being treated at Kensignton Palace. And now, it’s up in the air her first solo trip, which would be a 2 day trip to Malta representing the Queen on Malta’s 50th anniversary of Independence.

If you excuse me, I’d say she should go. She had no trouble flying to an island getaway with William during her first pregnancy, she should not have problems with just working 2 days.

Quite a while ago, I saw an article on Star Magazine (and I freely admit I side eyed the source) that claimed that Kate wanted 3 children before she was 35. I think I might have posted the link somewhere on Royal Dish and said, well, assuming it’s true, she’ll be announcing a pregnancy before this year’s end. Lo and behold I was right.

She’s 32 and will be 33 by the time the new baby is born, so if the article is correct, it means she will either be pregnant again by the end of 2015 or early 2016. Now, let’s say she again falls ill with HG, she’ll probably be out of commission for a while and probably (unless she ramps up her amount of engagements after birth) she’ll be in the longest maternity leave ever.

Oh and remember Jessica Hay? The girl who correctly said there would be an announcement coming (when Kate was expecting George)? Well, she seems to have done it again, either she guessed correctly or she was told that Kate was pregnant but Kensignton shot down those rumors of a new pregnancy. Cue a couple weeks later, surprise, Kate is pregnant!

Anyway, here’s part of a news article I found, I’d let you be the judge on the rest:

Friends have suggested the Duchess has decided to have her second child so soon after her first because a third child is in her plans.

Kate Middleton decided to have two children less than two years apart because she intends to have a third child before she is 35, friends have claimed.



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6 Responses to Kate’s pregnant again

  1. Lisa says:

    Looks like you were right! The more kids she has, the longer she can stay encamped at home.

  2. It’s interesting because Jessica Hay made the announcement eight weeks ago. I believe the Palace has only confirmed that Kate is less than twelve weeks. I think Kate’s probably around eight weeks which makes Jessica Hay’s announcement even more impressive, she may have made it when they conceived. Of course, it’s very possible Kate is twelve weeks or more. Princess Diana lied about her due date to throw off the press and reduce the media circus. I guess we’ll know when the kid comes. It will be hard to tell by Kate’s “baby bump” since I look more pregnant after eating lunch than she did at six months.

    • When she made the first ‘announcement’ for George, many royal watchers (myself included) thought she was a ‘speaker’ for Niraj Tanna, who had been hinting at it before Jessica.

      So, it’s quite possible that again we’re seeing a repeat or you’re right and Kate is more advanced in her pregnancy than we’re told. If you think Kate was thin at six months, you should totally google pictures of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark during her last pregnancy.

      She was 6 months along during Prince Nikolaos & Tatiana’s wedding and let’s just say this, I’m a size 16 in pants… they would have been super loose on her. Kate looked huge compared to Mary and Mary was expecting twins!

      Ps. I’m almost done with the article on William and Kate, it turned out longer than expected and Jessica Hay has some interesting things to say there 😉

  3. Jojo says:

    Great! Cant wait to read it 🙂

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