Pippa Middleton’s first interview

So, I was watching the news today and it was reported that Matt Lauer will be doing a sit down interview with Pippa Middleton.

I can’t say I’m surprised, Pippa has always been more active of the two Middleton sisters and seems willing to do whatever work goes her way. Even if they are complete failures, her book didn’t do well. Entertainment Weekly deemed it one of the worst of 2013 calling it “the book you need if you don’t know how to make ice cubes”.

Her Telegraph column has been terminated, apparently, there was a big backlash after every article and now I’m just waiting for Vanity Fair to call it quits. Yes, I am awful and I know it.

I can’t say I blame them, after all, one of the tips was to cut a chicken in eight pieces. Yes, I kid you not. But perhaps, her own sister could use the book, after all, she doesn’t “know how to make tea”. Either that or that comment is part of my pet theory that she’s modeling herself after Diana, specially when Diana made those silly comments (“Thick as a plank”).

Now, the interview if I recall correctly is set to air on two parts: Monday and Tuesday. Should be interesting, I might tune in even if my dislike for Matt Lauer is bigger than my dislike for Kate.


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3 Responses to Pippa Middleton’s first interview

  1. Matty says:

    Because her “career” in journalism seems to have bombed in the UK, perhaps she plans to take USA by storm as a talk show host.Her famous backside has cycled across America.

    • I know, her articles were terrible. Mostly about men, unsurprised considering this is Pippa.

      Vanity Fair is still employing her though, but I wonder if they are going to ‘let her go’ one of these days and now she needs a new playground.

      And the cycling, it was for charity, but I’m iffy on the charity, sad to say.

    • Terribly sorry for such late response. I’ve been awfully busy these days!

      On one hand, she still has the Vanity Fair job. She will officially bombed when she’s fired from that one, I think. I find funny that people defend Pippa and say “We don’t know what her motivations are!”, well, she’s not shying away from being front and center.

      Did you see the dig she threw at her mom in one of her articles? Apparently it was during a race, she was running and her mother yelled at her “Run faster Pippa!” and she replied (on an article!) “What did she think I was trying to do?”.

      I think she hasn’t done herself any favors either with the stunts she’s pulled (the friend with the gun, palace stepping in; and then threatening to sue the twitter that was making fun of her writing tips, while using the same lawyers the BRF uses). I mean, get a grip Pippa.

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