And the fangirls used… Feminism!

Before you click on any of the picture links, please know that they very likely fall into the Not Safe for Work category, so please, skip them if you are at work or at a public place. Thank you.

As we all know by now, our dearest laziest duchess has landed herself in hot water again. You see, our special snowflake, otherwise known as “The Duchess of Cambridge”, has a new photo where once again, her butt is there for the world to see. Of course, this is just another picture in a series of several blow up dresses our special snowflake has had in the past.

Now, many people are angrily shouting that it was an invasion of privacy. Excuse me, but to actually be an invasion, it would have had to be taken in a private place (the France photos blur that line), and this one wasn’t. She was out there, ready to perform a very public duty alongside Willnot. And it wasn’t the first flash she had, after all, her red coat dress blew up on arrival. Of course, that wasn’t her fault either! It was the evil and perverted paparazzi who continued to take pictures and failed to preserve her modesty.

As if. This is not the first time a blow up happens, her very first occurred at her arrival at Calgary. This one prompted that the designer of the dress, Jenny Packham, received angry letters for not adding weights to her dress. In her own words:

Jenny Packham usually receives notes of thanks from brides whose dream dress she has created, but now she is designing for the Duchess of Cambridge she has received a rather different type of letter. “I had a little handwritten letter from a lady in Wisconsin passionately criticizing me for the primrose yellow shift dress I made for the duchess,” says Packham. “She said didn’t I know about putting weights around the bottom of a hem, so it can’t blow up?”

The duchess wore the dress at an airport while touring north America, and the wind blowing up the runway revealed rather too much of the royal legs. “Well, I didn’t know it was going to be worn on a windy runway,” laughs Packham. “But I did think maybe in future I will put in more weighting, just in case…”
The Standard.

And the of course there was that slight flash in Quebec, thankfully she was wearing a slip. Of course, it wasn’t the last one, there was the case in Brisbane Airport. Twice. And of course, that one time at a friend’s wedding while pregnant. And then, that skirt blow up while attending a charity event, mild thankfully, but still. But then again, the woman likes low cuts too. Seriously, I can see her bra.

And you may be wondering by now, where the whole argument about feminism comes in, well here it comes. Turns out, many Kate fans are angry that Bild published the image, they are calling it a feminism argument or some sort. But as someone who strongly identifies herself as a feminism, it’s not feminism to blindly support women. Many women themselves are terribly detrimental to feminism. Long story short, just because you have a vagina, doesn’t mean I’ll agree and blindly support you.

It’s a feminist choice whether to be a mother or not, it’s a feminist choice whether to be a full time mom or a working mom or both. It’s a feminist choice if the woman decides to stay at home and be a mother. It’s a feminist choice that a woman takes control of her own sexuality.

But to call a feminist problem that this pictures were snapped? I don’t think so. I’m sure I’ll be accused of hating women, I swear I can hear the pitchforks already, but the heart of the matter is this: Kate didn’t sign up to be a feminist. She has done absolutely anything in favor of feminism, not even while single. I’d be willing to cut her just a bit of a slack had she worked during her courtship period. But she honestly did nothing.

All her plans revolved around William. Here’s a bit about her “working” at Jigsaw:

She secured the job through her mother, Carole, who helps design the Jigsaw Junior website and is friendly with the company owners John and Belle Robinson, at whose Mustique villa Kate and William holidayed earlier this year.
Unlike other assistant buyers at the firm, however, she works only four days a week – Monday to Thursday – allowing her to arrange her schedule round that of William, who is due to start duties with the Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals Regiment.
Kate has tried her hand at a number of projects since leaving St Andrews, most notably setting up her own childrenswear firm,’ a friend of the prince explained.
‘But for one reason or another, not least her relationship with William, they have fallen by the wayside.
WAG factor that made William warn Kate: Get a Job.

Of course, there are also bits and pieces from years past:

Kate Middleton was the subject of much criticism after it was alleged that the Queen had “voiced concern” that Prince William should not announce an engagement to his girlfriend until she had secured herself a full-time job. Mandrake learns that the claim could not, in fact, be further from the truth. According to a close friend of Kate, the 26-year-old St Andrews graduate has been advised by courtiers not to take any permament job.
“She’s not working and there are no plans for her to work,” says her chumKate must stay a Lady of Leisure, July of 2008.

Prince William urged his girlfriend to get a job because he feared she was being portrayed as a footballers’- wives – style professional shopper.
The 24-year-old prince expressed concern that Kate Middleton had not found full-time work since she graduated from St Andrews University in June 2005, friends have revealed.He was also alarmed that she was being regularly photographed laden with designer bags in the same way as Wayne Rooney’s fiancee Coleen McLoughlin. WAG Factor.

“Kate is a nice enough girl but she was never what you might call committed to the job,” said a fellow staff member. “She never worked full-time and appeared to take an inordinate amount of time off to go jetting round the world with her boyfriend.”
On her “work” ethic.

A supposed “friend” of Kate’s told the Daily Mail that the Jigsaw gig was not that important: ‘It was a job of convenience, a stop-gap.’ One of her former workmates at Jigsaw was a little more generous, telling the Daily Mail: “Kate is a nice enough girl but she was never what you might call committed to the job. She never worked full-time and appeared to take an inordinate amount of time off to go jetting round the world with her boyfriend. It certainly rubbed a few people here up the wrong way. To be told she would be resting for a while ‘looking at other things’ didn’t exactly come as a surprise. She has always been treated as a special case.”
A Stop-Gap Job.

“She genuinely wanted a job but she needed an element of flexibility to continue the relationship with a very high-profile man and a life that she can’t dictate. She’s going to be dictated to when she’s needed and not needed.”
Despite what many people believe, Belle says Kate got no official support: “Only if she were a fiancée would she get support. She said she can turn to William’s press guy if there’s a political problem with the press, but only if it’s serious.”
Kate’s boss speaking about her work at Jigsaw.

I mean, I could go on and on and on about Kate being Waity. So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t buy the feminism! screams from Kate’s fans. I’d be far more inclined had she actually done something with her life prior, but as the noted articles above, it was always about William. It wasn’t about having a fulfilling life, she didn’t live a life of her own and then she married, she lived the life that would adjust her to William. Everything she has done, it’s for him and because of him. She’s been waiting for 10 years to be a wife, but she forgot that being a WINDSOR wife came with responsibilities.

Being a royal Duchess comes with incredible privilege, we know. But we must never forget that there are also the responsibilities one must carry. She chose to be William’s wife, a future Queen Consort and her main job was to birth an heir, she has done so now. But she is also required to ‘work’ for charities. Remind me again when was the last time Kate did something for her charities that it didn’t include a gala?

No, Kate and William seem to currently exist on a limbo where the line is blurry of ‘D-List Celebrity’ and ‘Royal’. They want the privileges but they won’t work for them. Nor do they want people intruding. An odd choice of wanting the respect the royalty commanded in years (and centuries) past, but at the same time wanting the glitzy and glamor of it.

And also, the feminism also stops when you begin to call someone ‘crazy’, ‘bitch’, ‘jealous’ (a personal favorite!), ‘bitter’, and ‘hater’ to those who dare speak against the precious snowflake. Seriously, one would think they insulted their mother. Which is somewhat hilarious and sad.

Why is it so hard to believe that there could be a royal protocol? All work has a dress code protocol. My last work didn’t allow for open toe shoes, even in Summer when we were melting, skirts couldn’t be mini and forget about low-cuts. Don’t get me started if I had had a wardrobe malfunction the same way Kate has. I’d be severely reprimanded. And my dears, Kate signed for a conservative job, to be a wife and mother. And while it’s true that there could be a feminist argument made, surely, we know this is not the 1940-50s anymore. She had a choice and she’s made her bed and must now lie in it.

Choosing to be a wife and mother is not anti-feminism, it isn’t. The anti-feminism comes in when the only thing you do in 10 odd years is nothing to wait for your boyfriend to make up his mind and marry you. And that’s exactly what Kate has done. And even now, she could be a good force for feminism by working with causes that help make this world a better place, but she doesn’t. She’s had more vacations than any other royal alongside William (I don’t cut William any slack at all) and has work so very little. So please, spare me of the indignant feminism screeches.

Else I’ll set Vhagar on you.



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7 Responses to And the fangirls used… Feminism!

  1. Great article! I couldn’t agree more! The truth is Kate has never been supportive of anyone but Kate. She dropped her female friends when she first started dating Prince William, claiming it was for his “privacy”. She attempted to block every single female who came near them while they were dating. Feminism isn’t about being blind and deaf to truths simply because someone else is another woman. It seems a lot of people don’t realize this isn’t her first flash, her image has been bleached, polished and tied with a bow. Eventually it all comes out. I think it’s silly for people to idolize this woman simply for who she married. She needs to carve out her own identity, but she simply can’t be bothered.

    • A freaking men. The fans seem to have a disturbing degree of protectiveness when it comes to Kate, but those who have been watching long enough, know that Kate was all about Kate and the ring. Nothing more.

      So yes, I refuse to use feminism to defend a woman who has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. As in her own words “I don’t care what people think”, don’t know why her fans forget that.

  2. I don’t even understand where the feminism argument comes in. What is anti-feminist? The press publishing the photo, the photographer taking the photo, Kate flashing people while at work? Great article, but could you post comments from fangirls claiming feminism, please, because I can’t even wrap my mind around how that could be an excuse in this instance.

    By the way, I get so annoyed when people claim that when a woman criticizes another woman she’s being anti-feminist. Feminism does not mean supporting woman no matter what and never calling them out on their BS.

  3. Thank you for the links.

    I think some of those people don’t understand the difference between a true upskirt shot and what happened to Kate, where her skirt flew up in the wind. If a photographer stuck their camera up Kate’s skirt and took a photo, that would be disgusting and a violation. But that’s not what happened to Kate. Kate’s skirt blew up in the wind and exposed her body. The pap did not violate her, it just took a photo when the wind happened to blow up the skirt. Kate may be a victim of the wind and not being smart enough to weight her hems, but not a victim of the pap nor the media. What happened to Kate is embarrassing (or would be to any normal woman), but it’s not a violation the way those people are claiming.

    • You’re welcome for those links. I skipped two, I swear I feel for the poor girl (some fans of Kate likened to Hitler apparently) who is getting all this sh*t tossed at her.

      And agreed with your comment, a true upskirt photo is what happened to Katy Perry once, a pap literally lifted her skirt and took a photo, RB ended arrested for punching the pap. THAT is a true upskirt. And had this happened to Kate, I’d be on her side and argue that it was a disgusting thing to do, sadly for her, it wasn’t what happened.

      The sad thing is, this is not the first time this happens to her, the first time I was more sympathetic because, well, she probably wasn’t expecting it. But at this point, she should know well enough to weight her dresses or use pencil skirts around airports and such.

      Some people just over do it on their defense of Kate.

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