Lupo, in a children’s book.

Recently, Aby King has announced a new book: “The Adventures of a Royal Dog: Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle.” It’s my understanding that it’s part of a book series and Kensington Palace has already denied having anything to do with King’s books.

I jokingly said in Royal Dish that if Kate were smart, she’d hire a ghost writer, write books the books themselves and donate the profits to charity. But then again, this would imply that Kate cares about charity work. And we all know how dedicated she is to her charities (note my sarcasm ladies and gents).

Of course, she would not be the first royal to write a book, Prince Charles has one (The old man of Lochnagar) and has published his paintings in book form, for charity.

And of course, she would also follow her sister’s footsteps into writing, her “Celebrate” book while well intentioned, was a bomb. Entertainment Weekly placed it on its worst books of 2013 books calling it, “the book you need if you don’t know how to make ice cubes.” And in hindsight, it might be a good book for Kate, after all, she “doesn’t know how to make tea.”


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