Weird brain of mine (on ASOIAF)

Here might be spoilers and opinions and rage continue at your own risk.

I freely confess that I’m a fan of Martin’s ASOIAF book series. I mean, come on, my user name is one of the Targaryen Conquerors for heaven’s sake.

But I admit I have some favorites in the series and that I’ve given plenty of thoughts on them.

I will throw up and probably burn the books if Sansa ends as Petyr’s lover/whatever. While I desperately think this won’t happen, I mean, I wrote an essay about Sansa and her mythological counterpart Persephone and how it deviated her story (and how Sansa’s version was and is a massive wild card) and I speculated that when she rejected the pomegranate she rejected his advances of a sexual nature, I worry for the girl.

Edmure Tully, I will literally be inconsolable if the man dies. He should live and have a long and happy life. Seriously, my poor baby trout.

I want Arya out and far away from the Faceless Men.

If someone tries to put a finger on Shireen, I will cut a bitch.

I want the Stark kids to get together again and know they’re not alone.

While Theon was a horrible person, no one deserves Ramsay.

Jeyne Poole’s quote “They trained me”. I abhor Petyr and whenever I hear someone praise him I want to slap a bitch. This man put an 11yo child on a brothel and she is so traumatize that she’s willing to do things. With dogs. Petyr needs to die.

Elia Martell. Something in me rages whenever I see/read that just because she was Dornish, she was cool with Rhaegar taking a second wife.

Rhaegar whitewashing annoys me. The guy messed up no matter how you slice it. Please accept that he messed up instead of bending over backwards to apologize for him. He left his wife, his daughter and newborn son with Aerys. Yeah no.


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What can I say? I am a mixed bag of everything, sprinkled with a tad of humor and a bit of fire and blood.
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