That one time when Pippa hid Kate’s engagment ring

There is nothing like a sister-sister relationship. Or at least I’m told, as yours truly is an only child, I was both saved and missed on that love-hate relationship. But I have many female cousins, which I’m completely sure is nothing alike.

But anyhow, this isn’t about me. But about Pippa, more specifically, when our dear Pippa hid as a ‘prank’ Kate’s engagement ring. Several pages reported that little prank. Here’s the Examiner’s take on it:

Kate Middleton was put into a panic when her sister played a prank on her. This prank sent Kate into a whirl wind after she couldn’t find her engagement ring that Pippa had hidden on her.


Kate’s harrowing few minutes of worry and panic started when she was out shopping with her mother, Carol Middleton, and sister Pippa, according to E Entertainment.

They’d stopped by a jewelry store and Kate spotted a ring she liked. She took off her engagement ring and put it on the counter as she tried the other ring on.

Pippa took that opportunity to scoop up the ring and hide it from Kate, setting the prank in motion. While Pippa didn’t let the prank go on for too long, she showed Kate the ring after just a minute or two after the panic set in.

Even though Kate got the ring back safe and sound, it didn’t erase what Pippa had done and Kate was not a bit amused by her sister’s antics.

I don’t know about you, but if any of my siblings/cousins did this, they would so be on shit list. That ring is just not a ring Will went out and shop for, but it is one that it was passed down, a ring that Harry got (and if we’re feeling generous and and believe the story that Harry let it have it) from his mother. A mother they both lost when they were young.

That ring not only has a monetary value (well into the hundreds of thousands of BP) but a sentimental one. I don’t let Kate off the hook entirely for taking the ring off, dudette, you have another ring finger on your other hand that would’ve serve you just the same. But she did and thus, this little prank. I don’t know, but I think this is actually low of Pippa, regardless if she did give it back.

Also, don’t you think that’s curious that Kate was trying another ring on the engagement finger? Put your thin foiled hats folks, but maybe she wanted another ring instead of the one she got!

I honestly would’ve love to see William’s face had the ring actually been lost. Just to be there when Kate told him it was ‘missing’ would have been priceless.
But then again, I’m deeply horrible after all.



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